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Ever since Disney launched a new Star Wars trilogy with the release of Episode VII — The Force Awakens, they've made a point of keeping plot details tight under wraps. It's probably for the best, since the little information that was out there last year allowed fans to get really excited for new trailers and ultimately the movie, but it means we're now desperately waiting to find out what Star Wars 8 will be about.

A production announcement for the new episode showed that the Star Wars franchise was taking a revolutionary step by picking up the story where the previous episode left off, but apart from that, most of the wild theories roaming the internet are yet to be confirmed. Who are Rey's parents? Will Luke train her? What is Kylo Ren up to? Will we ever recover from that heart-shattering death?

Which brings us to the character of Leia Organa, who we only saw briefly in The Force Awakens. It's not hard to imagine she'll be devastated when Star Wars 8 opens: Since she's the one who encouraged Han Solo to bring back their son, will she ever forgive herself?

What Will Leia Be Up To In Star Wars 8?

Leia and Han Solo in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney
Leia and Han Solo in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney

If there's one thing we know about General Leia Organa, it's that she's going to be in a rough place when the opening credits for Star Wars 8 roll in. Not only has she lost her space smuggler of a husband, but he was killed by their own son. And when she sent off Han Solo to convince Ben a.k.a. Kylo to find the light in him, she seemed to believe there was a chance to pull him from the claws of the Dark Side, but what about now? Does she think there's still a chance for Kylo to redeem himself?

To make matters worse, rumors about Leia say she could get gravely injured and end up in a coma in Star Wars 8. According to the leaked details, her ship got ambushed, but who could wish her any harm?

Star Wars: Bloodline Dives Into Leia's Storyline

Leia's election posters in 'Star Wars: Bloodline'
Leia's election posters in 'Star Wars: Bloodline'

This leads us to the canon novel that was just released on May 3, Star Wars: Bloodline. In this story written by Claudia Gray, we get a closer look at the events between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and particularly Leia's storyline.

The Senate is slowly getting divided into Populists, who believe planets should retain a certain amount of independence to avoid a new tyrannic government, and Centrists, who defend a central type of regulation of the galaxy. From her experience with the Empire, Leia is a populist, but as you can imagine, her political career doesn't fare so well when the Senate of the New Republic discover the identity of her true father.

What Does Laura Dern's Character In Star Wars 8 Mean For Leia?

Laura Dern's character in Star Wars 8 is still a mystery
Laura Dern's character in Star Wars 8 is still a mystery

If we combine both the rumors that she's hurt and the fact that her career ends up in shambles, there's not much hope for Leia on the horizon in Star Wars 8. But her getting pushed out of the main frame also coincides with the rumors around Laura Dern's character, reportedly a leader of the Resistance whose views don't exactly match with Leia's or Poe Dameron's. This new character, who could eventually get overthrown by Poe, would then be a Centrist, as opposed to Leia's Populist allegiance.

So, things are looking pretty bleak for the best bun-wearer in the galaxy, but could we see a ray of light in the form of a Luke-Leia reunion in Star Wars 8? Now that Luke has been found after missing for so long, you'd hope he'd drop by the Resistance headquarters when he finds out his sister is widowed and in a coma.

Luke Skywalker in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney
Luke Skywalker in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney

Do you think we'll get to see a lot of Leia Organa in Star Wars 8? Which character are you most looking forward to?

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