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Whether you are a Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, or just a comic book reader in general, we all share a solid connection: We love comic books and everything that revolves around them.

While recalling the exact moment in space and time when I first came in contact with the entity of comic book lore is impossible, I do remember around the age of seven or eight when I saw a man with a blue and red costume crawling on a wall in a cartoon television show. Spider-Man captivated my eyes, and from that point forward, I was hooked.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Thank You Spider-Man

I didn’t know what Marvel or DC was then, and I always thought that Batman and Spider-Man were cousins for some reason, but the ‘90s Spider-Man animated series introduced me to the world of Marvel and its heroes, and sparked the love that I have for them today—my 8th birthday party was themed after Spidey!

There’s something about the heroes and the villains that just connects with you that only you can uniquely understand. When I first saw Spider-Man I was amazed, and I felt that that guy swinging around New York City was my friend. Even today, when I go back to visit those childhood memories, watching the old Spider-Man episodes, I can feel the happiness and excitement I first felt when I first saw them.

To Infinity and Beyond

Comic books and their relatives (movies, etc.) are something that doesn’t go away as you grow through time. I was obsessed with Nintendo and Playstation 2 games when I was 12, but through my sophomore year in high school my interest for video games had almost vanished. It was completely different for comic books. I had grown to love them even more.

At just 15 years old I knew the history behind Peter Parker and his multitude of foes, and even started collecting old comic books—by 16 I had at least over 500 stored in my closet. I loved comic books, but the movies where something else completely.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2

Believe me when I tell you, I was the ultimate movie Spidey fanboy. The same goes for the X-Men and the first two Fantastic Four movies from the 2000s.

Even though one is never going to physically have superpowers like the heroes on screen, you felt that those same heroes, in a way, were part of you, and that their adventures revolved around you and your imagination. A child’s imagination is limitless and I was introduced to the world of comic books by Marvel and Spider-Man in the early 2000s, through a television screen, in a lovely home in the Dominican Republic.

Why do you love the world of comic books? Do you have any special memories connected to your favorite comic book heroes? Leave it down in the comments!


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