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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of those actors who has gone above and beyond in proving himself. He first found fame as a charismatic wrestler in the WWE, but a bold and courageous move to try acting has been the best thing to ever happen him. He's starred in all types of movies — drama, action adventure — and this summer he will be returning to comedy with Central Intelligence alongside Kevin Hart (head over here to see a complete list of his upcoming projects). Ever wanted to know more about the California-born actor? Well then, here are eight things you probably never knew about him!

1. He Has A Guinness World Record!

In 2002, Dwayne Johnson earned a Guinness World Record for the salary he earned for an actor receiving top billing for the first time. This was for the film The Scorpion King, from which he earned a $5.5 million paycheck! Check out 15 more movies featuring The Rock that you have to see here.

2. 'The Rock' Wasn't His First Wrestling Alter Ego

Believe it or not, Dwayne Johnson's first wresting alter ego was called Flex Kavana! Doesn't have quite the same ring to it as The Rock, does it?

3. His Autobiography Was A New York Times Best Seller!

This book was released all the way back in 2000 when he wasn't nearly as popular as he is now! This remained on the list for about five months; can you imagine if he released one now?!

4. He Has A Fear Of Spiders!

I bet you thought The Rock wouldn't be afraid of anything, didn't you? Well, think again! The huge Dwayne Johnson shares a fear with millions of others: Arachnophobia. It's a fear I also have and I respect Dwayne for being so open about it. In saying that, I wouldn't do what he's doing in the above photo.

5. His Action Double Is Often His Cousin!

Dwayne Johnson is an insanely generous man and he's been known to be very good to his family. This extends to his workplace, where his cousin Tanoai Reed sometimes acts as The Rock's double!

6. He's Got Tons Of Family In The WWE!

Wrestling really is something you are born into and Dwayne's family is no exception, he is cousins with Umaga and Roman Reigns and he is uncle to Jimmy (Jonathan Solofa Fatu) and Jey (Joshua Samuel Fatu).

7. He Inducted His Father and Grandfather Into The WWE Hall Of Fame!

Back in 2008, Dwayne Johnson inducted his father and grandfather, Rocky Johnson and Peter Fanene Maivia respectively, into the WWE Hall of Fame and it's safe to say, it won't be long until Dwayne is inducted!

8. He Can Do A Haka!

While filming his latest film, Moana (a new Disney epic, read more about everything we know so far here) he was recorded doing this fantastic piece. Let me say no more and see for yourself!

So, that's my list, guys! Let me know if you know any cool Dwayne Johnson facts in the comments below!


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