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Last year, Lady Gaga shocked everyone by unveiling yet another talent after starring in Ryan Murphy's hit series American Horror Story: Hotel. In the show, Gaga played The Countess, a sultry hotel owner with a taste for an opulent lifestyle, striking paramours — and blood. Her portrayal of the character was so outstanding that it even earned her a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a television show.

As it turns out, Gaga's award-winning performance channeled inspiration from an unlikely source: Robert Durst, admitted murderer and subject of HBO's popular docuseries The Jinx.

In an interview with Variety conducted by Jamie Lee Curtis, Gaga shared that while she may not know how to "take a guy home and f**k him and then eat him," someone else might know how. After watching The Jinx, she was able to see a character in Durst that offered greater insight:

"I did research ... all the time, every day I would watch Robert Durst in 'The Jinx' and his wife Debrah Durst. And I would study the sort of practical nature in which he was devious and evil. ... He has this extremely practical way of explaining how he’s going to conceal the fact that he’s dumped a body in a river and kept it in his house and cut up his best friend. ... It’s so kind of practical, so I let that inform me as The Countess."

When Curtis asked Gaga in which order The Countess would choose after taking a guy home — between f**king him and eating him — she said it might not be so simple for her character. In the end, however, playing The Countess has changed Gaga immensely:

"During that time, you know, I became a lot more wild and crazy and matter-of-fact about things. Who I am as an artist and person changed.
If I’m playing a character ... I also am that as well. So, I live a lifestyle of sort of endless, relentless love for making my work. And that in every way informs me as a person, all the time.”

In March of this year, Lady Gaga confirmed that she had accepted Ryan Murphy's offer and would return for Season 7 of FX's American Horror Story. Other AHS alumni confirmed to return are Angela Bassett, Matt Bomer and Leslie Jordan.

Considering Murphy's shows usually boast an impressive ensemble cast, it seems likely that Kathy Bates, Denis O'Hare, Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson and Wes Bentley — all of whom he openly invited to join at Paleyfest — may return as well.

There's still no release date for American Horror Story Season 7, but from past seasons we can expect it to air in the fall.

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