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The end of May marked the release of the sequel: Alice Through the Looking Glass. If you want to watch the film, and haven't done so, then I should warn you that this post will contain spoilers.

Marking the ninth collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp to date, and also featuring the ultimate gothic and quirky dream team of Burton, Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter, Alice Through the Looking Glass wasn't what I expected.

Here's 4 things to look out for in Alice in Wonderland's sequel:

1) Alan Rickman as Absolem

The late Alan Rickman's Absolem is one of the very first characters we see accompany Alice, and there's something a little different about him.

Absolem can be seen a a metaphor for the death of Alan Rickman as he is now a butterfly flying above Alice and guiding her with his words of wisdom.

This metaphor is enhanced by his character's last comments to Alice in before he descends into his cocoon in Alice in Wonderland: "Farewell, Alice. Perhaps I will see you in another life."

As this is the last film Rickman will appear in, it is dedicated in his memory.

2) The Introduction Of New Characters

The sequel remains faithful to its whacky and surreal characters that accompany the Hatter, and it is these that make the film.

Characters such as the Tweedles (Matt Lucas), The Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), and Mallymkun (Barbara Windsor) reprise their roles but we're also introduced to some new side characters the accompany Sacha Baron Cohen's character of Time. These little characters are referred to as Minutes and Seconds, and they're pretty adorable, funny, and silly.

3) The Red Queen's Back Story

We finally find out why the The Red Queen (Bonham Carter) is obsessed with cutting off people's heads, and why she hates her sister, The White Queen (Anne Hathaway) We also learn of the big headed queen's feud with the Hatter and his family, which led to the original plea with 'off with his head'.

This character development is something to look out for.

4) The overall moral

The overall plot surrounds the issue of time. And Sacha Baron Cohen represents this. And with this, there are some pretty funny comments and punny remarks made toward his character.

With the overall moral of the story to be that you can't change the past, you can only learn from it; Alice Through the Looking Glass teaches a good moral for children seeing as the film is rated 12A.

Overall rating: 3.5/10

Alice Through the Looking Glass didn't do so well on its opening weekend. Which could be due to many reasons - such as the press surrounding Depp's relationship of current or that the film was merely produced by Tim Burton as opposed to being directed by. Rated 12A, the film definitely suits this audience.

Personally, I found Hathaway quite annoying, I'll applaud Depp and Bonham-Carter for yet another exemplary performance. And as a side note, Mia Wasikowska wasn't so bad either.

In regards to plot, there are times of hilarity, but there are also segments which are undeveloped.

Overall, I'm glad I saw Alice in Wonderland's sequel, but it's safe to say i won't be giving it a second watch.

What did you think of Alice Through the Looking Glass?


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