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In 2018, Warner Bros and DC Comics will take moviegoers under the sea with Aquaman. While the hero will appear next year in Justice League, the King of Atlantis will finally get his very own movie with director James Wan helming the swash buckling blockbuster. With the movie not arriving in theaters until in the summer of 2018, there is much on this film that remains a mystery; and it may be quite sometime until something is revealed. So there is much to be speculated about Aquaman including the film's villain. Unlike League members such as Batman and Superman, Aquaman does not have widest (or well known) of rogues gallery. So bringing one of the character's enemies to the silver screen may not be an easy feat. However there are two villains that come to mind that could be easily take the position as Aquaman's cinematic antagonist.

Ocean Master

The first character that comes to mind is Orm aka Ocean Master. Orm is the half brother to Arthur Curry who seeks the throne of Atlantis. In order to dethrone his brother, Orm becomes the villain Ocean Master and does whatever it takes to get what he wants. Using Ocean Master as the movie's villain could make for a simple but effective antagonist. The idea of the jealous brother becoming the villain is nothing knew as the likes of Thor will attest to using this trope. While it my not be original using Ocean Master would work well as introductory villain for Aquaman. This is a character who understands the world of Atlantis and his views on it could help Orm to becoming the villain he is known to be. Now the direction of this character could depend on whether or not this film is an origin story for Aquaman. If the origin concept is to be a center piece of the movie, then Orm's direction could work in two ways; with either the character falling from grace through out the movie or building towards Ocean Master's turn to the point where Orm becomes the villain in a sequel. Whatever happens having Ocean Master as a villain for Aquaman makes sense as their many direction that the movie could take this fallen Atlantean.

Black Manta

If you are familiar with stories of Aquaman then odds are you know of this supervillain. For many years Black Manta has been considered the primary antagonist for the King of Atlantis. Featuring this character in a Aquaman movie is not a matter of if, but when. Introducing Black Manta to this cinematic universe could work in a number of ways. The character could appear at the start of the movie and become the villain Black Manta as the film progresses. Then again the movie could pull a Dark Knight and use Black Manta as a terrorist who wants to see Atlantis destroyed. That direction could easily make Black Manta into an impressive villain as his character would be surrounded in both mystery and atmosphere. Although this direction could also work for a sequel to Aquaman, but it would still be an impressive move all the same.

Bringing the villains of Aquaman to silver screen could be difficult, but it would not be impossible as the likes of Ocean Master and Black Manta would make for impressive cinematic supervillains. Not only would these two characters help to establish the world of Aquaman, but both villains could very well bring new elements to the DC Extended Universe. The only question now is which antagonist will the filmmakers go for in this superhero film? The only way to be certain is stay tune for more information on this superhero film.

Aquaman hits theaters on July 27, 2018


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