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If you had not heard (but I'm sure you might have considering it's been all over the news), the Halloween franchise featuring horror icon Michael Myers (with the exception of Part 3 which attempted to take on a whole new Halloween-themed storyline) is finally coming back to theaters (hopefully) soon.

The producer, Malek Akkad, has announced that he is teaming up with Blumhouse Productions, who are known for making horror films such as The Purge, Paranormal Activity and Insidious, to produce the next Halloween movie which will feature the long-awaited return of the Boogeyman himself.

But what makes this even better is that John Carpenter (the man who created the original Halloween and therefore the whole series) himself is returning as executive producer and possibly also composer for the musical score.

I don't know how they managed to do it, but it's true: John Carpenter is coming back to the franchise to work on the new film with Malek Akkad and Blumhouse Productions. According to Malek Akkad, he and his team are hoping to get the newest Halloween movie made and ready for release by October 2017. As of right now, I don't think they have a script written, have found a cast, etc. But they have reportedly been eyeing a potential writer/director: Mike Flanagan.

If you don't know who I'm talking about, Mike Flanagan is sort of an "independent filmmaker". He's very well known for a horror/thriller movie that was released just this year called Hush. The plot centers around a deaf woman who finds herself being stalked by a masked killer and she must do what it takes to survive, alone, all by herself, with no ability to speak or hear.


It's a very brilliant film and when it was released, it received very positive reviews and has even gotten a 100% approval rating on, which --- as far as I'm concerned --- is very rare for a movie.

Now remember, the last time we saw Michael Myers on the big screen was in 2009 when Rob Zombie's Halloween II was released. However, that movie received poor reviews, didn't do so well at the box office and quite frankly, was an absolute flop. Rob Zombie pretty much took Myers and transformed him from our favorite Boogeyman into a hooded hobo of some sort.

Hobo Myers
Hobo Myers

And since H2 was released, Malek Akkad and his team have repeatedly come out and say "We're gonna do a new Halloween movie" and every attempt at reviving the franchise seems to have failed. The first attempt, Halloween 3D, was meant to be a sequel to the Rob Zombie films and was gonna see the return of Scout Taylor Compton as Laurie Strode and Tyler Mane as Michael Myers.

However, there were a few good things about it: Tom Atkins (who of course we all remember from Halloween 3, The Fog and some other great horror flicks) was reportedly in the role of Laurie's doctor. And apparently, the duo behind the now-cancelled film (Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier) were attempting to bring Myers back to his John Carpenter roots and even bring back the iconic clean white William Shatner mask while still keeping his aggressiveness and the bloodiness of the film to the style of Rob Zombie.

The second attempt was where things appeared to be going in sort of a right direction. The new duo (Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston) were planning on creating Halloween Returns, which was meant to be a continuation of John Carpenter's original vision. At first, the film was reportedly said to be a sequel to the original Halloween and Halloween II from 1978 and 1981 respectively.

And the plot was apparently gonna center around these two kids, one of whom is a child of one of Myers' victims and the other was the daughter of a Myers-obsessed cop (who was rumored to be the blonde-headed Deputy Gary Hunt from Halloween II), who planned on watching the execution of Myers, but he escapes and goes after them and their friends on Halloween night.

A fanmade poster for Halloween Returns
A fanmade poster for Halloween Returns

But then once the film was cancelled and the script was leaked, it was revealed to actually be a sequel to just the original Halloween and was gonna pick up from it with Myers being arrested on that horrific Halloween night and taken to prison where approximately ten years later, was gonna be sentenced to death through lethal injection. And apparently one of the characters here was gonna be a Myers-obsessed psychiatrist for Deputy Hunt named Paul Rogers. I'll go ahead and post a link to where I read this so you can find out for yourselves.

But both attempts to a Michael Myers revival have been cancelled and quite frankly, I'm glad they did so. Let's be honest here: Do you really think these films would have brought the franchise back to life? I don't think so. However, now that John Carpenter himself is back as executive producer (and rumored music composer) AND the franchise has found a new home with a good horror movie studio like Blumhouse Productions AND they are eyeing a very talented director who made one of the best horror films ever, it seems we may actually be finally getting a good new Halloween movie very soon.

But now, let's get onto the point of this article: My "wishlist" (what I would like to see in) the new Halloween movie...

First things first, bring Michael Myers back to his John Carpenter roots! I'm sure since John Carpenter is involved production-wise, they'll be making this move with Myers. But just to be clear, this is what they must do with the character. Rob Zombie completely screwed up Myers in his two films by explaining his backstory and giving him a motive to kill.

What Akkad, Carpenter and the Blumhouse team must do first things first with the new Halloween film is bring Michael Myers back to his original John Carpenter roots like Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer attempted to do with Halloween 3D.

Please! Make him (act like) the Boogeyman again! Hide him in the shadows, make him jump out and scare us, that kind of stuff.

Next, we MUST have a good story! I heard from someone that John Carpenter's "motto" or whatever for his films is a good story. That a good story is what makes a film. Now, I'm sure we can safely say, since this is Myers' big return to the big screen, it's gonna be very important --- not just for franchise fans, but also for general moviegoers. And I'm gonna predict that Akkad might be looking for a more simple storyline to reintroduce the silent masked slasher. Something like the original film where Michael is stalking a group of teenagers on Halloween night. It probably doesn't have to be set in Haddonfield; as long as it's a small Midwestern town that resembles and really feels like Haddonfield, I think everyone's safe.

But the one element of the story Halloween fans tend to argue about over a new film is the continuity. And after how badly the Rob Zombie films were and did and considering Halloween Returns was meant to be a continuation of Carpenter's original vision, I think it's very safe to say Akkad and his team are taking the series back to the original timeline and picking up from where the original Myers' journey left off.

There are many different options in line: They can do a sequel to the original H1. They can make it a sequel to H1 and H2. A sequel to H4. A sequel to H5. A sequel to H6. A sequel to H20. And of course what a lot of fans really want to see more than any of those is a sequel to Halloween: Resurrection. And you know what, YES, there is a fanbase for Resurrection. Some people like that film, including me, so get over it!

And it doesn't even stop there. There's other options like a "bridged" sequel set between H2 and H4, serving as sort of a "true H3" or even a "bridged" sequel set between H6 and H20. And what many Halloween fans, including myself, would die to see is sort of a special Halloween film (which we proudly call Halloween 9) that actually ties Halloweens 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, H20 and Resurrection together into one complete Myers-themed saga of films (considering H20 and Resurrection pretty much ignored 4, 5 and 6).

Now what some people believe is that this will either be a full-fledged reboot (which I honestly don't believe since Carpenter is involved) or a sequel to the original Halloween and/or Halloween II, specifically because John Carpenter is returning and those two films were his original vision for the story of Michael Myers. He intended to kill him off at the end of Halloween II along with Doctor Loomis in the fire and leaving Laurie alive and well.

After Halloween II, Carpenter intended to turn the franchise into a Halloween-themed anthology series where a new movie would be released every year and each film would feature different storylines, different characters and different filmmakers behind the camera. And of course, Halloween III: Season of the Witch was intended to be the first of that series. But after it failed, Michael Myers was brought back in Halloween 4 and he remained the star of the franchise ever since.

But anyway, back on topic: While I do see it being likely since those were Carpenter's films, I think he would still be open to taking other directions with the continuity. And NO, I'm not talking about continuing off of Rob Zombie's films or even re-remaking the original movie. I mean the other choices mentioned above they could take for continuing off of the original timeline (i.e. Halloween 9).

Personally, what I think they should do right now with this new film is make it sort of a "semi-sequel" to Halloween: Resurrection. What I mean by that is bring up certain events of the film (such as Laurie's death, the college kids in the Myers house and of course Michael escaping from the morgue and leaving behind a dead coroner) and set the film in modern times. Have Michael go after a teenage girl and her friends on Halloween night and let that be the film's plotline.

Bring back at least one character from the previous films... Now, semi-continuing off of the last suggestion, the way I would do this new Halloween film if I had the chance is to make it a semi-sequel to Resurrection set in modern times with Myers going after a teenage girl. But who should this teenage girl be you might ask? Well, that's where the one returning character sort of comes in.

If you're a Halloween fan or if you just remembering watching H20, then you know who John Tate (played by Josh Hartnett) is. He was the 17-year-old son of Laurie Strode and therefore the nephew of Michael Myers. He and his girlfriend Molly (played by Michelle Williams) were chased down by Myers until they made it back to Laurie's house where the chase went on until Laurie got them out and went face to face with her brother.

John (left) and Molly (right)
John (left) and Molly (right)

Now who's to say that after the events of H20, John and Molly didn't get married and have children together? You heard me right. The new teenage girl in my vision for the new film is the 17-year-old daughter of John and Molly. The granddaughter of Laurie Strode and great-niece of Michael Myers. And who would play her (if I had the chance to make it a real movie)? The answer is Willa Fitzgerald.

Willa Fitzgerald
Willa Fitzgerald

If you don't know who I'm talking about, Willa Fitzgerald is sort of a "independent actress". She's very well known right now for the role of Emma Duval on the MTV television series adaptation of the Scream franchise, which has recently launched its second season.

Her character is sort of the new Sidney Prescott. And in my opinion, she is a fantastic actress and I think she deserves more attention in Hollywood. Why not start with the newest installment of a film series that inspired another film series which adapted into a television series that she stars in? Hmm...

But that's not the only reason I would choose her. When I first thought of her as the perfect person for the role, I went back and took pictures of Josh Hartnett (aka John) and Michelle Williams (aka Molly) and I compared them with pictures of Willa. And surprisingly enough, they create a striking resemblance! How about you look at these and try telling me she doesn't look like their daughter.

What about her name? Well, I would give her the name "Janice" after Janice Knickrehm (1925-2013; died at the age of 87) who played Mrs. Blankenship in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. "Janice Tate". That kinda has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

So my idea of a new Halloween film would basically center around Janice Tate (Willa Fitzgerald), John and Molly's 17-year-old daughter, and her friends being stalked by Michael Myers on Halloween night 2017. And then that's where John comes in.

While I'm uncertain if Michelle Williams would agree to return to the role of Molly, I am sure that Josh Hartnett would return as John for two reasons:

#1: It was rumored that he was set to return to the role in Halloween 9 before the film was cancelled in favor of Rob Zombie's remake. If this is true, then that means if Hartnett completely disregarded Halloween from his career, he never would have agreed to come back in a new movie. Even if it meant a big payday. Never.

#2: If you own the Halloween: Complete Collection Blu-ray box-set released by Anchor Bay and Scream Factory back in 2014, you know that Hartnett had returned to do interviews for the then-new H20 documentary, Blood is Thicker than Water, included with the film and other special features. That has to be a very good sign that he still shows respect for the franchise and for having H20 be his first film ever.

And of course, the new film would need to have sort of a "Doctor Loomis" type character to back the story up? Someone to come in and save the new lead from being killed by the Boogeyman himself. Why not have it be the lead's own father? Why not have it be the killer's own nephew? Someone who has a reason for vengeance against the killer (i.e. the death of his mother). It makes sense!

But on topic with the real film, I think --- if this is actually a sequel to the original H1 and/or H2, we probably are more likely to see a fresh batch of new characters and if there is supposed to be one returning character from the previous films, my money is on Sheriff Brackett (Charles Cyphers).

Charles Cyphers --- present day
Charles Cyphers --- present day

And lastly (well not technically, but I'll just stop here), this movie needs a very EXTENSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN!!! This right here is a very important step for the new movie. This is Michael Myers' big return to the big screen! If anything, the whole world needs to be made aware of this film. And I'm talking trailers, TV spots, internet ads, merchandise, posters, late-night TV promotion. Like maybe have Jamie Lee Curtis (or some other guest) appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. All of a sudden, the lights go out, they come back on and we see Michael Myers standing there in the center with the Halloween theme playing in the background. The lights go out and Michael is missing. Just do what it takes to make sure this film gets a great amount of attention!

Alright, I'll go ahead and stop there. So tell me: What do you think? Do you agree with my ideas? What do you think should be done for the new Halloween movie? Go ahead and let me know in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time...


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