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Crime in your city is at an all-time high and there seems to never be an end to it. You have two options: Punisher or Batman. Who do you choose? These are two vigilantes who protect their city in their in their own particular but completely opposite ways. If you ask people who they would rather have protecting their city the answer you get will differ from person to person. Some people just may not believe in the death penalty due to human error. Other people might be completely content with a murderer or sex criminal getting killed if it was 100% certain that they committed the crime. But if you could choose one, which of one of them make for the better city protector?

Leniency: Batman

Whether you want to admit it or not, most people deserve a second chance at life. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but people make mistakes. There's even been people who have had their families destroyed by a murderer and the family pleads with with the court to take the death penalty off the table. So leniency is something that is definitely needed when picking a protector and death isn't always the answer.

Batman may not be a murderer, but he is far from a punk. Sure he won't kill someone, but what he will do is put someone in the hospital with more than a few broken bones and more bruises than some people get in a lifetime. There are hordes of nameless goons and super villains that can vouch for Batman's skill beating people down.

Brutality: Punisher

Batman may be a connoisseur when it comes to methods of pain, but Punisher could write a library full of books on torture and methods of physical interrogation. When a heinous crime is committed and you want the person to really suffer before they die, than you have to be willing to take things a step further. How far? To quote Frank Castle,"If the thought of it seems crazy, then you weren't crazy enough to begin with".

Quite possibly the best method the Punisher used was in The Slavers. Castle was dealing with a gang who were trafficking women for sex. These guys were the scum of the Earth, but also trained military men. So this meant that Castle had to be a little more creative and vicious with their boss if he was going to get the information he needed. Castle drugged a guy, took his intestines out of his stomach and hung them around a tree. Don't shed any tears. this guy deserved that and worse.

Smarts: Draw

You're thinking "NO!!! Bruce Wayne is a genius and there is no way Frank Castle is as smart as Bruce". Guess what? You're right. Bruce Wayne is absolutely more intelligent than Frank Castle. But when it comes to laying down a plan to take out your enemy, these guys are neck and neck.

Bruce has the advantage of having been trained by some of the toughest people and the best fighters from around the globe. Then there's the bottomless pit of money that he has to pay for all of the gadgets he created. What the Punisher has is being a Vietnam veteran and way more experience in wartime than Bruce Wayne has. While Bruce started his training before Castle, Castle had been fighting wars longer. Bruce is great at working things out on the fly and having back up plans on top of back up plans. Punisher has plans upon plans as well. While they may not involve a bat-plane or a bat-surfboard and inflatable bat-swimmies, Punisher's plans make it so he can go in with less armor than Batman and that there are no casualties when the smoke clears.

Fighting skill: Batman

When it comes to actual skill, Bruce Wayne wins this hands down. It's not even a question. Batman is one the five best fighters in comics. The few people better than him in armed and unarmed combat aren't that far ahead ahead of him when it comes to pure skill. Frank Castle is tough and possibly tougher than Batman may be up for debate. But, skill wise, it's not even close.

Trust: Does anyone trust either of them really?

It's highly doubtful that the public would trust either one of them fully. With Batman, some of Gotham P.D. turns a blind eye to what him and Commissioner Gordon have going on. I mean, there's a giant Bat-Signal on the department's roof. Problem is one of Batman's biggest attributes is making people scared of him. That isn't going to make people feel safe. Frank Castle isn't any better. Fun fact, he runs around with a skull on his chest, shoots, maims, stabs, and kills people. People that deserve it? Of course they deserve it. Problem is that he's still made himself judge, jury, and executioner. Castle may have 100% irrefutable proof that his target is guilty, but all it takes is the smallest lingering doubt from one person and people will be out for his head. I will say this; when the Punisher returned to L.A. a news report read "Punisher is back in L.A.: City is Safe again". Maybe it depends on the city and what's going on.


At the end of the day, it really all depends on the person and how far they are willing to go to be safe. Batman isn't soft on crime by any means, but should the Joker have been killed years ago? Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn can be rehabbed. Joker? Probably not. Should Punisher give more chances? Does every killer, rapist, and sadist deserve immediate death? These are the questions that would determine your answer. Personally, I think the right answer is moving the heck out of Gotham and Marvel New York. But that's just me.

What about you? Batman or Punisher? Who's guarding your city? Let me know in the comments below.


Who would you rather have protecting your city?


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