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Holy Real-Life Exosuit, Batman!

Growing up, I always wanted to own many fictional items from comic book lore such as Captain America's shield, Green Lantern's ring and Thor's hammer. So can you imagine my reaction when I found out that researchers have created a real life Batman exosuit.

Designed for soldiers and the elderly, the "Superflex" (let's face it, everyone's going to call this a Batsuit) motion sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes to read the speed and angles of the owner's legs and adjust its movements accordingly, granting the wearer "superhuman strength."

As part of DARPA's Warrior Web Program, "the Superflex" is designed to prevent injuries that are caused in various war-like environments. The suit aims to replace walkers for the elderly and help soldiers in combat.

So why does this exosuit deserve to be compared to the Batsuit? It has a built-in sensor device that learns the wearers movements and only powers on when the wearer is in need of the suit. The suit then sends a jolt of support power to body and helps the wearer with whatever problem they have, whether that be an elderly man bending over to pick up something he dropped, or a soldier having to carry his supplies.

President of SRI Ventures, the company behind the "Superflex," Manish Kothari spoke out about the futuristic suit, saying:

(The) Superflex's goal is to remove all of those areas that cause psychological-type encumbrances and, ultimately, re-dignify the individual.

We can make comparisons and laugh how it is a real-life Batman suit, but we have to just sit back for a second and think about all the wonders that this suit can achieve. This suit can help an elderly woman walk up stairs again, grant a wheelchair-bound man the gift to walk again, or even help a Parkinson's sufferer regain a steady hand. This is truly a scientific breakthrough that I genuinely can't believe we are witnessing.

What would you do with the Superflex suit?


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