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After Gary Oldman left his mark on the character of Commissioner Gordon, it seemed like there was no way his successor could be half as amazing. Well, it looks they can be! With the casting of Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons, fans were ecstatic about the possibility of another wonderful take on the head of the GCPD.

News on the Simmons/Gordon front has been pretty quiet since the initial announcement, but if you have a sharp memory, you may remember what he said about filming Justice League:

I don't get started on that until June, and my part in the first one is very small. I'm excited to be playing that iconic character in that iconic series.

Well, guess what month it is? June! And do you know what that means? He better be equipped with the Gordon mustache. Luckily, he grew it out and displayed it at the LA Greek Film Festival! Some great photos were taken while he spoke, and it gives us a great idea of the different emotions his James Gordon will be cycling through (Spoiler alert: they're pretty funny):

Standard Gordon

This is probably the Commissioner we'll see for most of the movie — the slightly happy, tired, definitely-too-old-for-this-crap Gordon. Expect to see this version when he's doing paperwork, or sitting in a car.

The Humble Gordon

One can expect the head of the GCPD to be giving a lot of speeches, so this is definitely the face we'll see when he finds his way off stage amid all the clapping.

"Posing for the Newspaper" Gordon

Face of the police department, front of the newspaper. Now if only we could put Harvey Bullock next to him.

"Alfred Just Roasted Bruce" Gordon

Alfred's sassier than ever now, so he probably makes sarcastic comments left and right about Bruce's night hobby. Luckily, we'll have a third party in these roast sessions: Commissioner Gordon (who will probably/hopefully be cracking up the whole time).

"Holy Crap, Batman!" Gordon

Batman is the master of arriving and disappearing without a trace, so there's bound to be a couple times we see him catch Gordon off guard. And while Snyder may brush the camera away from him, we'll know that the Commish was spooked; we'll always know.

All jokes aside, Simmons looks great as Commissioner Gordon! His greying auburn mustache is ripped straight from the comics, and his hairstyle change-up is a welcome alteration! Plus, let's not forget how he nailed the role of J. Jonah Jameson in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man franchise:

Justice League hits theaters November 16th, 2017!

Who is the better Commissioner Gordon? Simmons or Oldman?


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