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Horror is a thing of the past. Since films like Psycho or The Exorcist were released, horror has been mocked, satirized, remade, and turned into a money-hungry genre instead of making a film for genuine audience thrills. James Wan has proven that there are still ways to keep this genre alive.

The Conjuring not only proves that, but also finds a place on many horror fans lists of favourite horror films. Balancing thrills, a chilling story, and great performances all around, this film stands out among the endless films in this genre nowadays.

Back in 2007 when Paranormal Activity was released, viewers found themselves engrossed in a new format of horror storytelling, but what nobody saw coming was the endless copycats and sequels that film would spawn. Any chance that studios or filmmakers in general can get, they will run with the newest trend.

The budget of horror films nowadays is a joke. Independent film companies release their films for a few million dollars and see over a 50 million dollar return in profits, which convicts them to make multiple sequels and roll in as much dough as possible and milk their metaphorical cow clean.

Happily, The Conjuring (even though it is far better than Paranormal Activity) is following in the footsteps of Paranormal Activity, where it brings a very fresh cinematography style to the table, engrossing audiences all over the world in it's atmosphere. There is so much to love about every technical aspect here and the eerie scenery, mixed with genuinely terrifying performances, makes for a very solid horror film.

Following Ed and Loraine Warren as they investigate paranormal occurrences, they come across the Perron's. They have recently moved into a new house that they won from an auction, and although it is a bit of a "fixer upper," they stick with it until the hauntings become far too great for them to handle. They consult the Warren's and all hell begins to break loose.

From jump scares to cliched horror plots, The Conjuring walks a fine line of predictable and lame, but manages to stay fresh due to it's awesome direction by James Wan, extremely impressive camerawork, and very solid performances from the entire cast. The Conjuring is what the Hollywood horror genre needed.

Overall, this film does have many cliched elements, but it runs with them and does wonders. The Conjuring is a great horror film.

Rating: 4/5

Review By: KJ Proulx


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