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Three years ago when The Conjuring was revealed to the world, moviegoers across the globe flocked to the theaters and raved to their friends about how great of a horror film it was. To me, it was not a great horror film, but a great film all around. The Conjuring 2 is a far scarier film with an even more compelling story to go along with it. Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to Enfield, England to study the Hodgson family, who are being terrorized by a demonic figure. Whether or not it is all in Janet's (the youngest daughter) head remains to be seen. Everything about the performances here is top notch, shedding a very specific light on Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

The Warren's Most Personal Case Yet

Having premonitions and wishing to stop case-studying, Lorraine (Farmiga) begins to see a very dark future for her husband Ed. As they are about to come to a mutual halt in their studies, they are assigned this family. Due to the fact that they have never said no to a family in the past, they say yes one last time. Upon arriving at the house, Lorraine can hardly sense any tremors within their home and although she has an odd feeling surrounding her, there is no proof. That is where the film's suspense takes over.

The Conjuring 2 improves off the original in almost every aspect. From a spine-tingling score to jump scares that actually work for once, this is a far scarier film than it's predecessor. With a fantastic balance of story and thrills, this film is able to leap over the cliched sequences that every horror film seems to deal with, and make it it's own. Everything about the familiar sequences feel fresh and engaging. When the demons appear on screen, you may just feel a little unsettled, and that is due to the terrifically believable performances by the children.

The Hodgson siblings, especially Janet, played to perfection by Madison Wolfe, are so believable in their roles that you forget it is a hollywood production, and begin to think they are being documented. Normally, films like this will have you chuckling at it's effects or it's thrills, but somehow, due to a very unique touch of direction by James Wan, each scare feels earned. This is a horror sequel that is worthy of it's title and definitely warrants it's spot in the cinema.

Was it asked for? Absolutely not, and nobody could have predicted it to be this enjoyable. Overall, The Conjuring 2 is not just a solid story like the first film, but it expands on everything you liked about the first. At a very lengthy 134 minutes, horror film delves into character backstories and set-ups that all payoff in the end. There is not a wasted moment in this film and I appreciated that more than anything else this film had to offer. When you are watching this film, it can feel it's length, but once reflecting on the film afterwards, you really cannot complain, because every scene that may seem long, is necessary. In my personal opinion, this is a superior film in almost every way, and I can whole-heartedly say that I am looking forward to a third film if it ever happens. Please, see this film!


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Review By: KJ Proulx


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