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For the first five seasons of Game of Thrones, few midseason episodes have left us with our jaws on the floor as much as the eighth episode of each season. From the Mountain and the Viper to Hardhome, these episodes not only set up the amazing season finales, but also leave us with our hearts in our throats.

Here is a quick review of episode eight from each of the first five seasons, as we prepare for this seasons installment, titled No One.

Season One - The Pointy End

Khal Drogo is wounded
Khal Drogo is wounded

Quick Review: Syrio dies (or does he?), Grey Wind attacks, Wights infiltrate the wall, Khal Drogo is wounded, Sansa begs for her father, Arya runs.

Memorable Quote: "I hope the wall is high enough." Samwell Tarly

End Scene: Joffrey sits arrogantly on his throne. First he strips Ser Barristan Selmy of his title and honor and finishes by forcing Sansa to beg for her father's life.

Season Two - The Prince of Winterfell

Lord of Bones
Lord of Bones

Quick Review: Sam finds dragonglass, Jaime and Brienn set off, Arya names Jaqen on her hit list, Ygritte and Jon Snow meet the Lord of Bones.

Memorable Quote: "Until my last breath, I will remember." Jorah Mormont

End Scene: We learn that Bran and Rickon Stark are still alive.

Season Three - Second Sons

Sam kills a White Walker
Sam kills a White Walker

Quick Review: Daario surprises Daenerys, Sam kills a White Walker, Tyrion marries Sansa.

Memorable Quote: "And so my watch begins." Tyrion Lannister

End Scene: A drunken Tyrion is chastised by King Joffrey. Tyrion drives his knife into the table and threatens to castrate him. He stumbles into the bed chamber with his new bride, who tells him she may never want to sleep with him.

Season Four - The Mountain and The Viper

The Viper and The Mountain
The Viper and The Mountain

Quick Review: Sansa lies to protect Baelish, Jorah is banished by Daenerys, Missandei reveals herself to Grey Worm, Ramsay becomes a Bolton.

Memorable Quote: "Elia Martell! I killed her children, then I raped her! Then I smashed her head in like this!" Ser Gregor Clegane

End Scene: The Viper and The Mountain fight in a trial by combat over Tyrion's innocence.

Season Five - Hardhome

Jon Snow, Tormund, and Wun Wun
Jon Snow, Tormund, and Wun Wun

Quick Review: Tyrion and Jorah plea for their lives, Arya trains to be No One, Sansa confronts Reek, Tormund kills the Lord of Bones, Jon learns the value of Valyrian steel.

Memorable Quote: "I've been worrying about Jon for years. He always comes back." Samwell Tarly

End Scene: Perhaps the most epic battle scene in series history. Jon Snow, a giant, and the wildlings, face off against the Night King and his army of wights.


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