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The Flash is currently on hiatus after concluding its second season and will be returning with a new season, probably in early October. Just like its first season, The Flash Season 2 didn't disappoint. The season premiere and the season finale were two of the main highlights of the season, with a couple of great episodes in the middle. Among all the four shows of the Flarrowverse (Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl), the only finale that was better than that of The Flash was of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Some of you might disagree with this. But, then again, opinions are subjective. Season 2 had its ups and downs and wasn't as perfect as the first season. In spite of that, The Flash delivered some epic moments throughout the season.

Spoiler Alert: Needless to say, this article contains spoilers from The Flash season 2. If you haven't had time to watch the entire season yet, go watch it and then come back. We'll be waiting for you.

The Flash Season 2: Top 10 Moments

The Flash had plenty of great moments to choose from throughout the 23 episodes of Season 2. However, only 10 could make to the list. I have put together a list of 10 moments, which in my opinion, were the best ones among all such moments. So, without further ado, let's get this party started.

10. King Shark Arrives

Any "The Flash Season 2 Top 10 Moments" list would not have been complete without this scene not being a part of it. Before the start of Season 2, if you tried telling any fan of the show that King Shark would make an appearance on the show, they would've looked at you with judgy eyes, laughed at you and then told you that you're crazy. But King Shark did end up appearing, taking everyone by surprise. Throughout the fourth episode, "The Fury of the Firestorm", Patty Spivot kept dropping hints about King Shark. The fans thought that those were just mere Easter Eggs and references. During the final few minutes of that episode, we see The Flash keeping an eye on Patty from a distance, smiling and saying something about grabbing oppurtunities. Ironically, at the very next second, someone grabs The Flash and picks him up. And there he was — KING FREAKIN' SHARK!

9. Reverse Flash Returns

The mid-season premiere of The Flash was bit of a sluggish episode. And no, the episode being sluggish had nothing to do with The Turtle being a part of the episode. However, the very last scene of the episode made up for the entire episode. We saw Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Reverse Flash travel back in time and arrive at 2016 and with a look of confusion on his face, ask Gideon where he was. He wasn't the only one who was confused though. The scene took most of the viewers by surprise, as they were confused as to how Reverse Flash was still alive. In the following week's episode, the entire thing made more sense with the introduction to the concept of time remnants. We also learnt that this was Reverse Flash's origin story.

8. Flash of Two Worlds

How often do you get to see a classic comic book cover being recreated in live-action? The Flash managed to recreate one of its most iconic comic book covers in second episode of the season. Incidentally, the episode was also titled "Flash of Two Worlds". Although Teddy Sears' character turned out not to be the real Jay Garrick, at that time he was Jay Garrick for everyone. And it was a really cool way for the writers of the show to wink at the comic book readers.

7. Supergirl Tease

A couple of days before Episode 13 (Welcome To Earth-2) aired, it was announced that The Flash would be crossing over to Supergirl. Suppose they hadn't announced the crossover. Can you imagine how shocking and exciting it would have been for the fans to see Supergirl pop up all of a sudden? However, the scene still managed to take many by surprise as people weren't expecting a tease for the crossover in the very next episode.

6. Gorilla City

This scene probably got the fans of The Flash comics most excited. Ever since Gorilla Grodd was introduced back in Season 1, the fans have been wanting to see Gorilla City on the show. During the seventh episode of the season, after an intense showdown with Grodd, The Flash managed to send Grodd to Earth-2. In the last couple of minutes of that episode, after Grodd reached Earth-2, we got our first look at Gorilla City, which made every fan jump on their seats. We would definitely love to see more of Gorilla City in Season 3.

5. Zoom vs The Flash: Round One

The best showdown between Zoom and The Flash has to be the first one. The Flash tried to take down Zoom early, in Episode 6 of Season 2. But Barry wasn't fast enough back then and Zoom ended up breaking his back. If anyone had any doubts about how powerful Zoom was, after this scene, they didn't. Throughout both the seasons of The Flash, this is probably the most vulnerable that The Flash has ever been.

5. Barry Calls His Mother

Both of the Earth-2 episodes were filled with some pretty great moments. But none of them came close to the scene where Barry calls his Mom. Well, it was actually Earth-2 Nora Allen. But we'll let this one pass. Barry getting a chance to talk to his mother, who's been dead for 16 years, turned out to be pretty emotional and heart-warming. However, this isn't the only reason why this scene has made it so far up the list. The phone from which Barry called had names written on it and three of those names were of Justice League members — Bruce (Wayne), Diana (Prince) and Hal (Jordan).

4. The Runaway Dinosaur

Barry calling his mother wasn't the only Nora-Barry scene in Season 2. Kevin Smith had previously revealed that the scene between Barry and his mother was one of his favourite scenes from Season 1 of The Flash. So, it comes as no surprise that Kevin Smith kept an emotional scene featuring Barry and Nora in the episode that he directed. In spite of the fact that it wasn't really Nora Allen and that it was the Speed Force as Nora, the scene where Barry's mother was reading The Runaway Dinosaur to Barry probably didn't fail to bring tears to your eyes as well.

3. The Real Jay Garrick

We had a Jay Garrick on The Flash from the very first episode of the season. Teddy Sears was the original Jay Garrick on the show. However, at the back half of the season we learnt that he wasn't the real Jay Garrick. He was Hunter Zolomon pretending to be Jay Garrick all along. After that reveal, everyone was pretty much sure that the man in the iron mask had to be the real Jay Garrick. However, we weren't sure about who the real Jay Garrick would be. In final 10 minutes of the season finale it was revealed that John Wesley Shipp was the real Jay Garrick of the show. John Wesley Shipp's Earth-1 character, Henry Allen, was killed off in the previous episode. So, it seemed absolutely fitting that John Wesley Shipp was made Jay Garrick. The Force is strong with the new Jay Garrick, as even Luke Skywalker himself enjoyed watching John Wesley Shipp being revealed as Jay Garrick. Check out what Mark Hamill had to say, right here:

2. Zoom's Identity Revealed

The Flash fans spent months speculating who Zoom could possibly be. During Season 1, the fans were quick to realise that Harrison Wells was Reverse Flash. Also, the writers decided to reveal Reverse Flash's identity as early as the mid-season finale. However, in the second season, the writers toyed with our emotions for a much longer period. It took the fans 15 episodes to learn the true identity of Zoom. And it was someone that we were least expecting, after the events of previous week's episode. Teddy Sears wasn't Jay Garrick. He was Zoom all along.

1. Flashpoint Paradox

Flashpoint Paradox is a very important storyline from The Flash comics. No one expected to see this particular storyline play out until the later seasons of The Flash. And since we were least expecting it, the writers decided to go ahead with it. Barry ran back in time, stopped Reverse Flash from killing his mother and as a result changed the timeline. Throughout the season, this scene was the most WTF moment and The Flash writers kept the best for the last.

I would once again like to mention that opinions are subjective. So, my opinion probably wouldn't match yours. If you have any particular moment in mind that you think should've made the cut, let us know.

What's Your Top 10 Moments from The Flash Season 2? Tell Us in the Comments Section.


What was your favourite moment from The Flash Season 2?

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