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This week will be the release of The Conjuring 2. Giving us a look at the Enfield haunting in England. Now the true story behind this script may have been a bit embellished on screen, but none the less, was still a horrifying experience.

The haunting began in August 1977, involving Peggy Hodgson and her four children. It began with furniture moving and knocking sounds throughout the house. A police constable that responded to the home, reported an arm chair levitating and moving by itself. Peggy also went to her neighbors for help. Upon investigating the home, the couple heard knocking all around them and became very frightened. Janet, shown in the picture above, was captured levitating in her bedroom. Many people have said that because of her position and closeness to the bed, these pictures are fake. However, two separate witnesses actually saw Janet hovering over her bed. Janet said on one occasion she was levitated and moved around very violently that she thought she go through a window.

Janet claimed to be possessed by a man who died in their living room several years earlier. She spoke in a different voice, which was believed to be Bill Wilkins'. When speaking through Janet, the voice spoke of them becoming blind and dying of a hemorrhage in their living room. Ed and Lorraine Warren were not as heavily involved as indicated in the film The Conjuring 2. Actually, they were there for only one day. Janet and her sister Margaret did admit that they were playing with a Ouija board right before the activity began. Many skeptics surfaced, stating the pictures were fake and that Janet was practicing ventriloquism, which helped her throw her voice. Janet and Margaret did admit to pulling pranks, but that only accounted for about two percent of the actual activity. The activity reduced, but did not end, when Peggy brought a priest to the home in 1978. Billy, Peggy's youngest son, said he continuously felt as if someone was watching him. After Peggy's death, a new family moved into her home, a mother with four sons. The mother admitted to feeling the same thing Billy did, like she was being watched. After two months, having already heard voices in the house, the family moved out when her son awoke to a man entering his room.

Now this may not be the same story that will be told in The Conjuring 2, it will be embellished, but it still looks like a very terrifying movie. Lets face it, this wouldn't be the first time Hollywood has embellished a story to make a great film. Look at films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street.


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