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Season 2 of the Flash ended with perhaps its greatest episode yet. The finale was full of comic book easter eggs and big implications for the future. The most significant comic book reference came at the end of the finale where a very dark and tortured Barry Allen decided to travel back in time and save his mother from the Reverse Flash.

This was HUGE, in many ways it is an even bigger cliff hanger than last season's finale which ended with a giant black hole being torn open in Central City, because of what it represents in the comics.

The Flashpoint Paradox As We Know It

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

In the comics, when Barry saves his mother, he creates The Flashpoint Paradox. Essentially, by saving his mother he alters the timeline and creates a world full of chaos. In this paradox, Iris is married to another man and Aquaman and Wonder Women are the villains.

They have gathered large armies across the world, set to destroy the other. Meanwhile Barry asks Bruce Wayne's father who is the Batman of that world for help to get his powers back that he has lost in the aftermath of saving his mother. After getting his powers back, Flash, Batman, and Cyborg (who works for the government) attempt to find superman who is held captive by the government.

They find a weaker superman who struggles to control his powers and eventually flies off into the skies. Then Barry, Batman and Cyborg travel to London in an attempt to stop Wonder Woman and Aquaman from destroying the world. Aquaman has captured Atom and is turning his technology into a weapon that can destroy the world.

During this fight, the Reverse Flash shows up and essentially beats the crap out of Barry and explains to him how he created that mess. He is then killed by Bruce's father and Barry is forced to run back in time and prevent himself from saving his mother.

How Can the CW Adapt the Flashpoint Paradox With Their Current Resources?

[Credit: DC]
[Credit: DC]

So unfortunately the CW, which after recently acquiring Supergirl has become the center of the DC television Universe, does not have access to all the members of the Justice League. As of right now, DC is saving most of those heroes for their movies. But they do have characters with many similar characteristics to the main characters in the Flashpoint Paradox.

In a series of maybe 4 episodes, the CW could create the Flashpoint Paradox using Flarrow characters. The episodes could take place as the first episode on each of the new seasons of the DC shows: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of tomorrow. It would act as a fun super crossover event before each season premiere takes place. In this supercrossover, Oliver's father could play the role of Bruce's father. He would have survived Lian Yu and returned home as the Arrow vigilante.

Supergirl could replace Superman's role of being an alien held captive by the government. Iris could be married to Eddie Thawne and have children as well as take on the role of Lois Lane. Deathstroke would stay the same (maybe with grey hair) and Earth-1 Harrison Wells would take the place of Lex Luthor. Obviously Eobard Thawne would function as the Reverse Flash.

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Legends of Tomorrow's Crossover Event

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

The crew of Legends of Tomorrow would remain in the timeline. Rip Hunter could be referenced in flashbacks that the Reverse Flash might have. This crossover event could have multiple flashbacks giving the views a sense of things that happened outside of the paradox. It could explain some of the origins of the Reverse Flash. Additionally, it could explain more about the how the chaos in the flashpoint paradox came to be.

Instead of having Aquaman and Wonder Women battling each other, they could have Ras Al Ghul and Damien Darhk fighting each other. In season 3 of Arrow, it was revealed that they were mortal enemies, but unfortunately, season 4 never really went into that (which I thought would have been interesting). Darhk's organization of HIV could have captured Ray Palmer and used his technology to create a weapon that could destroy the world. Ras al Ghul's League of Assassins, in turn, could potentially have captured Firestorm and conducted experiments on him that could allow him to destroy the world as well.

The reason I bring up Firestorm is because in Legends of Tomorrow, Ras seemed fascinated by him when they encountered each other in episode 9. Members of HIV would constantly be battling members of the League of Assassins throughout the Paradox. Ras al Ghul would have to have some immunity to Damien's magic and his men would have access to the lazarus pit making them return to life as monsters like Sara Lance when she returned.

A face-off between Darhk and Ras would be amazing [Credit: The CW]
A face-off between Darhk and Ras would be amazing [Credit: The CW]

It would be nice if they could introduce Cyborg into the Flash show, but assuming that won't happen, his role could be replaced by Diggle and Felicity serving as high ranking members of Argus working for the government. Cisco would function as Vibe. He would take a similar role to Shazam. Caitlin Snow could function as Killer Frost, who along with most of the other villains would work alongside the government trying to prevent HIV and the League of Assassins from destroying the world.

It would also be cool for them to bring in fight scenes that we would likely never get to see during more traditional episodes. For example, they could possibly do a Grodd v King Shark fight or a Deathstroke v Ras al Ghul fight scene. It really opens up the door to many possibilities.

Animated depiction of Deathstroke vs Ras al Ghul [Credit: DC]
Animated depiction of Deathstroke vs Ras al Ghul [Credit: DC]

Ultimately, there is just so much potential for a Flashpoint Paradox event. I am hoping that CW is thinking big on this one. It would likely be super expensive to make, but it would be unfortunate if they gloss over such as a major comic book event.


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