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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has hit theaters this past weekend not with a big bang but is definitely making waves. Whether you liked it or not, fans have collectively agreed that it is definitely better than its 2014 predecessor. But why could this be? What has this film done so much better than the first Ninja Turtles movie? Well let's dig into it more and find out.

1. Brian Tee is a much better Shredder

One of the biggest sins of the first movie was giving us such a lame, boring and forgettable Shredder. The first film was put under major fire from the geek community when it was revealed that actor William Fichtner was going to be portraying the Shredder. The film then went under some very obvious re-shoots and they gave us some vague Asian dude in the shadows who just spoke Japanese in a deep voice. The Shredder wasn't very intimidating like he was in recent cartoon incarnation or very funny like he was in his past incarnations.

Even the costume is better than the first film
Even the costume is better than the first film

Brian Tee managed to bring to life Shredder's intimidation and more comedic moments. He legitimately seems like someone you wouldn't want to mess with in a dark alley but he also manages to get a laugh out of you when he is dealing with Bebop and Rocksteady's stupidity. He was a little under used in the movie, which is a real shame, and I really hope to see more of him in future films.

2. They're finally embracing the TMNT Universe

Before this film, we have had many different live-action TMNT movies and all of them starred Shredder as the main villain. I guess that would make a little sense since Shredder is, technically, the Ninja Turtles' archnemesis from both the comic books and the TV shows. However, they seemed to forget that there is an entire rich, somewhat silly, universe that the Turtles come from. This movie decides that now is the perfect time to embrace that universe.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows marks the first live action appearance of supervillain duo, Bebop and Rocksteady who basically act as the main henchmen of Shredder. We also get our first appearance of a live action Baxter Stockman, portrayed by Tyler Perry, who has always been Shredder's puppet to his evil schemes. However, the biggest selling point of this film was the appearance of Krang, who was not in the original comics but gained a lot of popularity from the 80s cartoon. Krang hails from another dimension simply named "Dimension X" where he was a warlord that was banished to Earth because of his evil ways. There, he aligned himself with Shredder to take over the planet Earth.

Seeing all these cool characters on the big screen for the first time will totally take your mind off the bland Stephen Amell as Casey Jones and the terrible Megan Fox as... well, Megan Fox. I refuse to acknowledge the fact that she is portraying April O'Neil.

3. The action scenes aren't a big CGI mess

While yes, the fight scenes in this film mostly consist of computer generated effects seeings how all the Turtles are CGI but it's nice to actually be able to make out what you're watching on screen. It's no secret that a lot of Michael Bay's action scenes, whether he was directing or not, are very hard to enjoy and sometimes hurt your eyes. Here the action scenes are crisp and easy to watch without wondering what you're looking at. Some of the best action scenes include the Turtles going up against Bebop and Rocksteady in the jungle and fighting Krang on the Technodrome.

While they are still not perfect or up to the standards of the recent Marvel films, they are still a major upgrade from the previous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Transformer films.

But what did you think of the movie? Did you think it was better than the first Ninja Turtles movie? Leave a comment


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