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Fox and Marvel's latest foray in the complicated lives of mutant, X-Men Apocalypse is out in theaters and I recently went to see it. I'm a BIG X-Men fan as X-Men were very relatible in my middle school and high school years. I was excited to finally see a great representation of Psylocke by the lovely Olivia Munn , Jubilee, Nightcrawler, and ArchAngel ,but, the movie didn't do it for me. I know the movie was meant for casual summer movie audiences but still, it was kind of bland for me. It felt like the franchise got stuck in a rut after Days of Future Past ,which I loved entirely. Bryan Singer tried to recapture the feeling of X-Men and X2 but times have changed since then. X-Men have to compete with Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, Justice League and also Netflix marvel heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Worst than that, Singer's X-Men is competing against its own universe with the soaring popularity of Deadpool, which made the X-Verse look fresh and new. So, X-Men fans, it is time to close the book of this X-Men franchise and start over from scratch.


By Starting over, I mean keeping X-Men First Class and erasing everything after that. When First Class came out, I thought this was going to be a new universe like the Ultimate series or X-Men Evolution but it was a prequel to the current franchise. Why not keep First class and build up after it. No Days of Future's Past or Apocalypse just follow the books IN EVERY detail which is hard but possible.

Now, It would be easier to have two separate movie universes where one franchise goes one way and the other goes their own way. The new X-Men universe should have a connection to Deadpool because honestly, the current one just not add up right at all.

X-Men (2000-2016)/Earth-X/Alpha

Earth-X/Alpha should be the codename for the current XMU starting from X-Men to Apocalypse so Hugh Jackman is in this realm of films....All 8 of them. This does not include Deadpool because Deadpool just does not add up here. The franchise should have ended at DoFP because the ending was perfect and brought the franchise full circle but Apocalypse kind of was overdoing it a bit.

New X-Men/Earth-Omega

Earth Omega is just an identifier of a new X-Men movie franchise. Instead of focusing on the main core of the team: Cyclops, Storm, Jean, Wolverine, Beast, etc. We could explore new mutants or other X-Men members who really are never given that much screen time. The X-Men roster is full of exciting mutants with cool powers and abilities and diverse storylines. We could also explore later storyline from the modern era like the legacy virus, or M-Day or Phalanx.

Back to Basics

Personally, I feel like the X-Men movies kind of lost its focus somewhere. We always know that the institute is a school but we never see what a day at school is like. X-Men ,X2, TLS, and DoFP showed glimpses of what being in school was like and field trips , but we never see the X-Men or their students living a daily life in-between battling evil. I was like "If the main X-Men are gone, who is teaching the classes?"

We need to see the institute act like a school and not just a home unless you do want X-Men Evolution the movie. We need to see kids from all ages in this school because in the books, Xavier's goes elementary to college prep high school.

Relate to Today's Adults and kids/Get with the time

Yes, X-Men fans are mostly adults, who still rock out to the 90s theme, but the X-Men needs to be relate to the teen demographic without pandering to them. Many teens do feel like they are not understood or feel lost in the world. X-Men books and media is totally based on that notion and It is a shame that the films never really focus on the young person's aspect. Bryan Singer did something in X2 that I wish we could built more upon in future installments. In the X2, Bobby goes home to tell his parents that he is a mutant and the whole scene is like seeing someone coming out gay, bi or transgender to their family. Well, it's 2016 and right now, Racism is a big topic. Why not discuss being a certain ethnicity and being mutant (Storm or Wind dancer) or having someone like Northstar or Dust deal with being either gay or muslim and mutant. X-Men are the best catalyst to discuss such issues without being preachy.


The best way to reboot the series is with the books The New Mutants, Generation X, Young XMen and New X-Men Academy X. There are plenty of stories to adapt from these books and tons of characters. Really show what the teens are doing while the core X-Men are away. It would be great to the X-Men do the simple school versus school or team or team aspect. In the books, Xaviers had a rival school in Boston founded and run by former Hellfire club member, Emma Frost why not say Emma's school is actually the next town over and be a rival to the new team of heroes.

It is very cliche but X-Men needs to go back to the basics before going over the top with crazy adventures.

New Roster, New Cast

With a new timeline, new story, and new message, there needs to be a new team of mutants young and old. Here are some top choices

Blink (Clarice Fergusion)

Blink is a teleport mutant who can create portal to different place. We've seen her DoFP and I felt like they could have done better than that. In her first appearance, She died during the Phalanx Covenant but returned in the Exiles after being transported from the Age of Apocalypse universe. I say let's have Blink be the bridge between the previous X-Men movie universe where she didn't die but got transported to the new world where the sentinels never got that bad. All of her lines would reference what transpired in the previous franchise having everyone look at her like "What?" If I had to recast her, I would want Chloë Grace Moretz because she can give you the emotions of tired mentally stressed teen soldier in a war that killed all her friends and family.

PRODIGY (David Alleyne)

Prodigy is an african american mutant with the power to absorb the knowledge of anyone he comes in close contact with for a short periods of time His story would focus on being black and mutant in a world that fears both. if I had to cast anyone as Prodigy, it would be Bryshere Y. Gray from Empire. I have seen Empire and the acting skills of this young man are very good.

Rachel Summers

The one thing I hated about DoFP is the exclusion of Rachel Grey-Summers or Phoenix II or Marvel Girl. Rachel Summers had the power to send people back in time mentally; when did Shadowcat get those abilities. Makes no sense..anyway, Rachel Summers would be a great addition to fill in Jean Grey. Having the same abilities as her mother but more concentrated. Rachel will finally get her shine. I would love to have Demi Lovato do Rachel Summer. Their personalities in the books somewhat match up.

Dust (Sooraya Qadir)

Sooraya is a sand based mutant of Muslim faith. She is from Afghanistan and was kidnapped by slave traders until her powers kicked. She joined the school thinking America would be better only to find out it is harder to be both Muslim and a mutant at the same. She confides in Prodigy whom she would a small crush on him. if I were to cast anyone in this role Rima Fakih, who is a former wrestler and actress

Hellion (Julian Keller)

Hellion would be the main antagonist of the first film. He's from the rival school funded by Emma Frost. He would be that cocky, arrogant bastard we love. His personality should Vegeta on Steroid. Anyone would plays Hellion needs to have fun being the villain.

M (Monet St Croix)

Monet is Julian's teammate and is very much is equal in Arrogance. She comes from money and is kind of a bitch at times. Her powers include super strength, telepathy, telekinsis, flight and aura sensing would make her threat even to Rachel's phoenix force. I would cast KeKe Palmer as Monet

PartyGirlz: (Boom Boom, Dazzler, and Jubilee)

Ok, that name I came up with but think about it. your average girl clique with mutant powers that are explosive. Boom Boom or Tabitha Smith can create energy bombs with hands, Dazzler, who was suppose to be in XMA but wasnt, can use soundwaves to create light based energy and Jubilee creates colorful yet destructive energy bolts. They would be the institute's resident party girls with Jubilee being the DJ, Dazzler being the pop star and Tabitha being the go-go dancer. Jubilee can stay the same but Dazzler needs to be a singer who can act and sing. My hope is Tori Kelly if she has acting skills and Tabitha can be Miley Cyrus since Tabitha is the bad girl of Xaviers

X-23 (Laura Kinney)

Until a new Wolverine is found (please be Tom Hardy), I think X-23 can handle being our resident adamantium clawed hero. She is a female clone of Wolverine with all his abilities and healing factor. She is a loner but will protect those who are in danger. I want to cast Nia Dobrev.


I want X-Men to stop taking itself so serious and have fun once in a while. So, bring in Doop for a bit of comedy. His appearance would not just be for comedy. Doop can actually hold his own in a fight and he is a KIRBY (meaning he is his dimension)


Emma Frost

I didn't like that fact that Emma was killed in DoFP. Really? Emma being killed? I don't think so. I would like to believe she went to England to avoid years of torture and came back to America after everything calmed down. I would like to see Charlize Theron play Emma the way Emma should be played. Sexy, sophisticated, has slick mouth, and is an amazing fighter. Charlize can give me shady yet classy savage Emma.

Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Somehow, I feel like Storm would be teaching a class and being the one who the student run to for guidance and straight realness. Storm would be that motherly figure every school has. I want Angela Bassett to FINALLY play Storm

Other characters like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Beast, Angel, Deadpool,Cable Psylocke can stay the same with different roles


Do you think there needs to be a fresh new start for X-Men films?


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