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After writing several articles based on childhood favorite cartoons recently, I have decided to try my hand at the ones often forgotten. Here is my list of the most underrated animated series.

1. Eckhart

Inspired by the book The True Meaning Of Crumbfest by David Weale, follows the adventures of a young field mouse named Eckhart, often foiling the plans of a cruel cat.

While that alone hardly breaks any new ground, Eckhart manages to stand out from other series with a similar premise thanks to the true heart behind it. The fourth episode, How Sweet It is, in which Eckhart searches for medicine to heal his ailing Grandfather, stands out as particularly moving.

2. The Animals Of Farthing Wood

The Animals Of Farthing Wood follows a group of forest animals journeying to an animal sanctuary, White Deer Park, after their original home is destroyed by humans.

Never shying away from reality, or the darker side of the situations the animals find themselves in, the series features 122 deaths in it's 39 episode run.

Some of the deaths are quite brutal, so I can't recommend the series for very young children, and the animation hasn't aged particularly well, but the story is enjoyable. Definitely underrated, and well worth a watch.

3. Kablam!

Funny and original, Kablam!, described as 'Where Cartoons and comic books collide!', was basically an animated sketch comedy show. Hosted by cartoon teens Henry and June, the show was the home of animated shorts such as Prometheus & Bob, Life With Loopy, Sniz & Fondue, and Action League Now!, which spawned a short lived spin-off.

Each short was made in a different animation style, with a unique, quirky, brand of humor that still holds up well today.

4. Rocket Power

While very much a product of it's time, made at the height of an extreme sports craze, Rocket Power is still a series worth remembering.

The characters were well developed, storylines interesting, and events from past episodes were regularly referenced, unusual for many cartoons at the time. The third movie-length episode, Island of The Menehune, is particularly memorable.

5. The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

The characters of Winnie The Pooh are loved by all ages, but this series, running from the late 80s to early 90s, does not get quite the amount of love it deserves.

Featuring such heartwarming episodes as Find Her, Keep Her, Stripes, and The Magic Earmuffs, and fun stories like Tigger, Private Ear or The Masked Offender, it's the perfect show to make you smile.

6. As Told By Ginger

As Told By Ginger, known as As Told By Ginger Foutley in some countries, is a brilliant, severely underrated series. Unlike many other cartoons with a mostly School-based settings, the Characters are far more developed than the usual stereotypes.

Another interesting feature is the realistic passage of time, allowing the characters to advance through school, and visibly mature as the series progresses.

The episodes Hello, Stranger, And She Was Gone, and Butterflies Are Free are brilliant and well worth checking out.

7. Teen Titans

While well loved by it's fans, Teen Titans is a series that is greatly deserving of wider attention. With great character development, and deep, moving plotlines, and just the right amount of humor, this series are highly recommended.

Season 2, which chronicles the rise and fall of anti-hero Terra, and Season 4, following Raven's battle with her dark side, are particularly brilliant.


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