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The internet has been the center of arguments and disagreements over the years, and celebrities such as Kim K or Ellen have always done something that is called "Breaking the internet"

But they are not the only ones who have done it. In 2016 (So far anyway) there were so many moments where a single moment, picture, or even sentence have sparked the flames of internet war and left internet readers arguing and talking about the topic for weeks.

First of all, what does "Breaking the internet" even means? Well, according to Urban Dictionary it means:

Causing a large commotion on the world wide web with many social networks and news outlets discussing the same thing.

And when you think about it, there were many moments this year where superheroes caused a state of confusion and frustration, and today i will be listing some here!

But watch out! This article might contain some spoilers for some of the newest Marvel and DC movies like Apocalypse, Civil War, or BvS.

So without further ado, lets get to it!

Captain America: Hail Hydra

So Cap is a Nazi now?
So Cap is a Nazi now?

So it is a safe bet that you have already saw this picture, and expressed your rage. This photo has caused many internet arguments because of a very simple reason: Marvel just turned an American icon, who always stood up for justice and freedom, into a Nazi. Yes, the one who was always trying to kick their ass, was actually Hydra's double agent, and the second the world heard, they started raging like crazy.

People were typically against this, and even star Chris Evans responding with:

This also made people rage over the fact that many other superheroes have gone bad before, but didn't get as much fuss, for example Jean Grey. Not only has this moment lead to many broken hearts and betrayed souls, but it also sparked the release of many holarious internet edits such as this one below. Check out more of these on Smosh.

Not Batman!
Not Batman!

This also sparked people to edit Cap into a bad ass Hydra agent, and even Stan Lee commented on this, saying:

"It's a hell of a clever idea, I don't know that I would ever have thought of it for him to be a double agent, but it's going to make you curious, it's going to make you want to read the books, they'll probably do a movie based on it. So I can't fault it; it's a good idea. I think it's crazy, but it's a good idea."

Mystique being chocked by Apocalypse

Oh poor Mystique
Oh poor Mystique

Since the first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse, fans got to see the dramatic scene where Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique if painfully chocked by the all powerful Apocalypse, and for a while, people didn't really care about it.

But then it turned out that the main poster for the movie was indeed this moment. Many people went on raging about how this poster influences women abuse and violence, and people started blasting Fox with their arguments.

After a while, people answers with the fact that Mystique herself always chocked guys with her legs, and the argument became more of an argument about feminism then about Mystique's lovely relationship with Apocalypse.

As of the time of this article, this is already about 3 weeks old, and the internet is not not letting go. Fox went out of their way and responded with a formal apology, saying:

“In our enthusiasm to show the villainy of the character Apocalypse, we didn’t immediately recognize the upsetting connotation of this image in print form. Once we realized how insensitive it was, we quickly took steps to remove those materials. We apologize for our actions and would never condone violence against women.”

Spiderman in the Civil War trailer

Superhero landing!
Superhero landing!

We all marked the date May 6th, or April 29th, depends on where you live, as the day of the Marvel Civil War, and since Marvel has announced that they will be including Spiderman in this movie, fans have been waiting for even just a frame of Spiderman. And as the second trailer released, fans screamed with joy as we got to see our friendly neighborhood Spiderman for just a few seconds.

The trailer went viral, breaking world records and smashing the fans with excitement, and for a while, there was harmony. That did not last long though, as people started judging his appearance in the trailer, saying he is too young or too CGI.

As the movie came out, Tom Holland proved to us that he is the best Spiderman and Peter Parker we have ever seen on the big screen, so popular that he will be getting his own movie titled Homecoming in 2017.

Batman V Superman: Doomsday

Is it a bird? is it a plain? no, its a ninja turtle
Is it a bird? is it a plain? no, its a ninja turtle

Even though this was technically last December, there was too much fuss about this to not include it on this list. The second trailer of the long waiter movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice brought with it many great moments such as Wonder Woman and a very sick shoot of the Trinity, but it also brought this guy. From the moment they saw him, Fans have been destroying Doomsday, saying he looks like a ninja turtle and complaining that showing him is too much of a spoil.

Fans held on to these arguments all the way to the theater, and even though the film made over 800 million Dollars at the box office, the very mixed reviews might also include this guy.



Oh Deadpool, how can you even start to describe that film? This film was such a critical and and financial success, it scored the forth highers R rated movie of all times, and influenced many other comics book movies to go R rated. From the moment Deadpool released, all the internet was talking about for a while was Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds, and more Deadpool.

With the internet flooding with the overwhelmingly good responses to the movie, fans were as hyped as ever and since then the entire world has been waiting for the release of Deadpool 2.

But even though it was a huge success, some people do not like the idea of R rated superhero movies, and therefor trash Deadpool for opening up the age of bloody, dirty, and sexually disturbing movies.

So these were the biggest superhero moments that broke the internet! What do you think? Which superhero moment did I miss and which one was your favorite? Thanks for reading and make sure to check out my other articles!


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