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It hasn't been the best year for lesbian and bisexual women on television, but I want to move past all that bitterness to remind ourselves, in no particular order, of the women who have survived the stray bullets and life-threatening diseases, and are still around to steal your girl.

1. Yara Greyjoy - Gemma Whelan ('Game Of Thrones')

Love interest: All women. Everywhere.

This season of Game of Thrones has given us the gift of Yara Greyjoy, Theon's hard-as-nails sister, determined to lead the Iron Born to victory. In the most recent episode, she treated herself to a little pre-voyage entertainment in a Volantis brothel, with the now infamous line: 'I'm gonna go fuck the tits off this one.' Anyone else hoping that she's the one to sweep Daenerys off her feet and they rule Westeros together?

2. Clarke Griffin - Elisa Taylor ('The 100')

Love interest: Commander Lexa

Poor Clarke, after stabbing her boyfriend and witnessing the accidental death of her girlfriend, she is still around kicking ass, taking names and being the first LGBT lead character on the CW, though I doubt she's finding little comfort in that right now.

3. Poussey Washington - Samira Wiley ('Orange Is The New Black')

Love interest: Taystee / Soso

Forget Alex, Piper and Boo, I argue that Poussey is the smoothest lesbian in Litchfield. After being rejected by Taystee, it seems that a budding relationship with Soso may be on the cards for Season 4. Get it girl!

4. Cosmia Niehaus - Tatiana Maslany ('Orphan Black')

Love interest: Delphine Cormier / Shay

When I said 'survived life-threatening illnesses' I guess I was lying a little. As a core member of Clone Club, science genius Cosima has spent four seasons trying to cure herself of an incurable illness. However, she also enjoyed lots of 'crazy science' with her hot French lab partner Delphine, who turned out to be sort of evil, but also has amazing hair, so it totally balances out.

5. Willow Rosenberg - Alyson Hannigan ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer')

Love interest: Tara Maclay / Kennedy

Going on the television series alone, Willow was very much alive at the end of Season 7, standing alongside the Scooby's on the giant crater that was once Sunnydale. Willow's impact on representation should not be understated, as her relationship with fellow witch Tara was a milestone for LGBT representation. She also almost destroyed the world upon her death, which is pretty badass.

6. Lana Winters - Sarah Paulson ('American Horror Story: Asylum')

Love interest: Wendy Peysner

Journalist Lana Winters went through hell and back in AHS: Asylum, ending up in Briarcliff for snooping around, her lesbianism used as a way to keep her there. But that scene when she flips the bird at Bloody Face and drives away, that will always be one of the biggest moments of justice served in TV history.

7. Nomi Marks - Jamie Clayton ('Sense8')

Love interest: Amanita (Neets)

Nomi Marks is a trans lesbian hacker living in San Francisco with her girlfriend, Neets. She is part of the August 8 cluster, and at the end of Season 1 is still alive, using her hacking skills to save and protect the others being hunted by BPO.

8. Xena - Lucy Lawless ('Xena: Warrior Princess')

Love interest: Gabrielle

You cannot have a list of badass queer women and not mention the mother of them all. For six seasons Xena owned ancient Greece, obliterating mystical creatures and mythical forces with little more than an 'aiyiyiiyiyiyi'! All with the help of her, ahem, 'friend' and 'sidekick' Gabrielle.

9. Bo Dennis - Anna Silk ('Lost Girl')

Love interest: Lauren / all women & all men

Lost Girl is one of those shows that you can't quite believe made it past the pilot, let alone five seasons. Not because it was bad, oh no, because it was the story of a buxom Succubus who is powered by sexual energy, which she gets by draining the sexual energy of others, by having sex with them. Bo is powerful, beautiful and bisexual, making her a force to be reckoned with in both the Fae and human worlds.

10. Annalise Keating - Viola Davis ('How To Get Away With Murder')

Love interest: Eve Rothlow

If you're not watching How To Get Away With Murder, stop what you're doing and go watch it. The show follows defence attorney Annalise Keating as she tries to, well, get away with murder, both in court and in her private life. In Season 2, a woman from her past reappeared, who appears to have more than just the law on her mind...

Honorable Mention: Root & Shaw - Amy Acker & Sarah Shahi ('Person of Interest')

Love interest: each other.

I am waiting until the winter sets in so that I can binge watch all five seasons of Person of Interest, as it seems like a show that is ripe for Netflix & Chill in the most innocent sense of the term. As a government assassin and a hacking expert, these two seem to be one of the only LGBT couples currently still alive and thriving. Good job, POI!*


Have I missed any one out? Who is your favourite lesbian or bisexual TV character?


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