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After the appearance of a man in Episode 15 of The Walking Dead Season 6 who looked extremely similar to characters from an area known as The Kingdom in the comic series, rumors were rife that we'll soon meet a comic character known as Ezekiel.

Following the end of Season 6, the rumors of Ezekiel joining the show were pretty much been confirmed by a casting call that went out for an Ezekiel-type character at the end of April, but this week AMC has had to speak out to deny rumors that supposedly revealed that Lost actor Harold Perrineau had been cast in the role.

Harold Perrineau
Harold Perrineau

The speculation started after Facebook group The Spoiling Dead Fans posted that according to witnesses it was a possibility that Perrineau had been sighted on set, and could potentially be our new Ezekiel. However this was followed up hours later with another message that their witnesses had been mistaken. But, by the time Spoiling Dead fans had retracted their earlier statement, the rumors had already been reported on by various websites prompting AMC to speak out saying there is no validity to the rumor.

The confirmation from AMC that the Spoiling Dead Perrineau rumors are untrue is unfortunate given that he had been a wildly popular pick for fans, with the actor even sharing this fan cast from Movie Pilot creator Tom Chapman on his Facebook page back in April. Perrineau even recently started following Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman on twitter, similar to how Garret Dillahunt interacted with The Walking Dead comic Twitter account last year when he was lobbying for the role of Negan.

Perrineau recently started following Robert Kirkman
Perrineau recently started following Robert Kirkman

So with AMC having denied this latest rumor, when exactly can we hope to hear confirmation about Ezekiel? Well, as long-time fans will know, The Walking Dead normally released the teaser trailer for the upcoming season at San Diego Comic Con, which this year runs from July 21 until 24. With Season 6 ending on a massive cliffhanger, it's unlikely that the majority of the main cast will appear in the trailer in order to keep the reveal as big a secret as possible. So who does that leave to appear? Morgan, Carol and, in all likelihood, Ezekiel.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October.

Who do you want to see as Ezekiel?


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