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June is a pretty huge month for DC Comics. As the Rebirth line begins to hit shelves, we're about to get a solid idea of what we'll be in for as readers throughout the next few months. That's exciting, but also daunting. Still, judging by the issues out this month, there's not much cause for concern. Let's take a look at the pages you can get your hands on in June.

1. Batman: Rebirth #1

Tom King (Marvel's Vision series) takes over the Caped Crusader from the acclaimed Scott Snyder, and if this introductory issue is anything kind of indicator, the next few months are going to be a blast.

Why buy? Batman finds himself taking on by far the most thrilling-ever incarnation of Calendar Man (who, let's be honest, has never exactly felt like the most pressing threat faced by Gotham City) in a story cleverly punctuated by the changing seasons. Mikel Janin partners with King to deliver some truly knockout art.

Both narratively and visually, this issue is a delight, and King's reign promises to be another classic run for the Bat. Batman: Rebirth #1 is out now.

2. Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

Greg Rucka has been responsible for writing some great comics for both Marvel (Cyclops, The Punisher) and DC (Batman, Detective Comics, Supergirl) but now turns his pen on the Amazonian Warrior.

After suffering an unimaginable loss, Wonder Woman must rebuild her mission as Earth’s ultimate protector and champion, says DC's blurb.

Why Buy? Wonder Woman's origin story has been done many a time before, but a series of contrasting memories in Diana's head near the beginning of this issue appear to lay the groundwork for a reveal about her childhood which could have an enormous effect on her existence in the present day. Come for the intrigue, stick around for the pacy narrative and excellent art.

Artwork by Liam Sharp and Matthew Clark. Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 hits the stands Wednesday, June 8.

3. The Flash: Rebirth #1

"Not again!" might neatly summarize your feelings on seeing Barry Allen's very familiar origin story play out on the page once more, but don't worry — The Flash is right at the center of the big DC Rebirth mystery involving the apparent creation of life by Dr. Manhattan (you can read more about that right here).

Why Buy? Well, between the aforementioned mystery and a newly-created Big Bad in Godspeed, "a vigilante who definitely sees himself as the hero" (and yes, he's another Flash villain with super-speed), you have the recipe for an issue worth $2.99 of your hard-earned money every couple of weeks.

Art is by Carmine Di Giandomenico, story by Joshua Williamson. The Flash: Rebirth #1 hits stands Wednesday, June 8.

Click here to see more exclusive images from the issue.

4. Aquaman: Rebirth #1

Tensions between Atlantis and the wider world continue to simmer as Aquaman takes on a group of aqua-terrorists who see him as a half-blood traitor, and who ride around on the backs of gigantic, salivating sea-dinosaurs, because why not?

Why Buy? Despite its themes of acceptance, cultural discord and the search for identity, Aquaman comics are so inherently ridiculous that it's probably best not to take them too seriously — and this issue looks like a gigantic ball of fun. Did I mention that they're riding sea-dinosaurs?

The vivid artwork comes from Brad Walker and Jesus Merino, the story is penned by the legendary Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy and pretty much every other comic book ever), and #1 is out Wednesday, June 8.


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