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Daniel Radcliffe's newest movie is world away from the wholesome world of Harry Potter and in some suitably surreal promotion the 26-year-old star is hitting New York city with his farting mannequin counterpart.

If the title and the above paragraph have made you feel like you have gone temporarily insane, I'll leave the trailer below to reassure this is, in fact, real life:

Clearly a live Radcliffe wasn't going to cut it for the promotional tour when the star of the movie is a more bloated, lifeless and stinking version of himself, so the mavericks behind Swiss Army Man came up with this:

He's a bit clingy
He's a bit clingy

Daniel's new inanimate clone named "Manny" has been cruising around town with his more charismatic Doppelgänger and meeting and greeting fans on the top deck of the double-decker bus. As you can see from the picture below, the dummy is thrilled with his duties.

Just a totally normal bus, nothing to see here...
Just a totally normal bus, nothing to see here...

Despite how weird Swiss Army Man seems, the movie received great critical acclaim at Sundance where it premiered, thanks in large to Paul Dano and Radcliffe's nuanced performances. A press release calls the surreal epic:

"A celebration of all the wonders cinema has to offer…a cultural phenomenon in the making; a surreal and wholly original examination of human vulnerability and connection that must be experienced."

Well, that's all well and good, but I know whose cold-dead-eyes will be peering into my dreams tonight:


Swiss Army Man, surrealist masterpiece or arthouse slop?

(Source: EW)


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