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A couple gave their own slightly off-the-wall review of the divisive Batman V Superman by choosing to get down and dirty in the cinematic darkness instead of focusing on the imminent peril of mankind.

But, before I go on, I will leave you to consider the erotic potential of scenes like the one below. I just don't get it.

The pair from Manchester, England were caught in the act when some suspicious head-bopping-action implied that 47-year-old Anne Abberley was gobbling more than just 36-year-old Leam Thornborough's popcorn, if you get my drift...

As if this wasn't enough, the brazen pair went on to have sexual intercourse in the third row of the cinema before one of the six other people in the audience reported the incident to shocked and horrified Odeon staff.

An usher named Georgia Pritchard interrupted the pair and asked them to leave but was “flicked” in the face by Thornborough as he flew into a rage at being discovered. Police were called to the cinema and the over-eager lovers were detained in custody for 24 hours before being charged the next day.

I'm so sorry, Batman
I'm so sorry, Batman

The pair were both fined for their actions and branded "a disgrace" by the judge for exposing members of the public to this unwanted sex show.

Clearly there is something steamy about the greasy, velveteen cinema seats that I just don't get because this is by no means the first time couples have been caught making the-beast-with-two-backs in the theater, or indeed, going it solo.

I just hope he caped his crusader because this would be a very awkward conception story.

What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a movie theater?

(Source: Daily Star)


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