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As J.K. Rowling's greatly-anticipated Harry Potter and The Cursed Child has gathered momentum ahead of the previews on June 7, fans have struggle to contain their excitement at finding out what really happened to Harry, Ron and Hermione almost two decades after we left them behind on that King's Cross platform.

Yet as the date of the official release draws closer (July 30) and we're scratching our heads over which characters will return to the story, the authoress has remained increasingly adamant about one thing: If you're one of the lucky ones to get into the play's previews, please don't ruin the plot twists for others.

In fact, her actual words as part of a series of behind-the-scenes videos were the following:

"You've been amazing for years at keeping Harry Potter secrets so you didn't spoil the books for readers who came after you. So I’m asking you one more time to keep the secrets and let audiences enjoy 'Cursed Child' with all the surprises that we’ve built into the story. Thank you."

Here's a clip of J.K.'s plea:

So, in the meantime, while the Potter fandom attempts to stick to Rowling's requests, why not relive some of the intricate twists and turns of the original book series while we wait our turn to feast our eyes on The Cursed Child?

Upon first read, here are five plot twists that initially blew our minds like a powerful Reducto spell:

1. Tom Marvolo Riddle is Lord Voldemort

Now, while this plot twist seems pretty arbitrary compared to some of the other ones on this list, at the time it had us dumbstruck.

We never expected Voldemort to make such a swift return following his failed attempt to wreak havoc out of the back of Professor Quirrell's turbaned head. Yet, when the wizard manipulated the Hogwarts students with a magic diary and subsequently lured Harry into the Chamber of Secrets to reveal his true identity, we never knew he would be the one we feared all along.

2. Peter Pettigrew is Scabbers

Yep, the fact that Ron's pet rat (which has been providing light comic relief throughout, may I add) turns out to be a full-grown man basically made all our jaws hit the ground in unison. And while there are many reasons why this plot twist is pretty disturbing, one of them is definitely the fact that Scabbers used to sleep in Ron's bed. Gross.

3. The Triwizard Cup is a portkey

When you first read the Goblet of Fire, did you actually ever predict that the Triwizard Cup was actually a portkey that would transport the champion to a sinister graveyard full of death-eaters? No, me neither.

Additionally, we never ever considered that it might possibly lead to the tragic death of Cedric Diggory:

4. Snape's apparent role reversal

For the majority of the books, we regarded Snape as the most repellant character of the series. However, now we know that he is perhaps one of the few that underwent a complete reversal among public opinion. First he appeared to be in cohorts with Voldemort, then he was cemented as the unpleasant good guy with a major role in the Order of the Phoenix, before killing Dumbledore in one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series.

Then we find out that the Potions master was simply following the headmaster's orders and actually saving Draco Malfoy. Finally, I doubt many of us thought we would reach the end of Rowling's series knowing that Snape did it all for Lily Potter all along. Woah.

5. Harry is a Horcrux

Out of all of the above, this one really takes the cake in my opinion. Once this revelation came out, it made perfect sense — not only did it explain all of Harry's disturbing connections to Voldemort, but also the fact that he was able to essentially come back from the dead.

If you remember correctly, the Dark Lord's Avada Kedavra spell killed a piece of his own soul that had been attached to Harry, making the little boy the seventh and final Horcrux.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child opens in London on July 30. Read the first reactions to the performance here.

Which Harry Potter plot twist blew your mind the most?


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