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It's true, today is the 9-year anniversary of Eli Roth's sequel Hostel: Part II. Like the 2005 original, the 2007 horror movie is set in a small town in Slovakia. It depicts the story of a local hostel which sells its visitors to the highest bidder to delight in some torture and murder.

Some may see it as your typical honeymoon vacation, but to us non-dysfunctional folks out there, it seems like only yesterday since the term "hostel" became synonymous with horror, gore, and painfully slow deaths.

Let's see how the cast has moved on as we're approaching a full decade since they were drenched in blood.

1. Lauren German as Beth Salinger

Favorite Quote (when asked if Lorna had ever seen a "c*ck"): "If she did, it was in a Botticelli."

Recent Appearances: Chicago Fire (2012–2015) & Lucifer (2015–2016)

2. Bijou Phillips as Whitney Swerling

Favorite Quote: "Come on, Borat, let's see what ya got."

Recent Appearances: Black Limousine (2010) & Raising Hope (2010–2013)

3. Vera Jordanova as Axelle

Favorite Quote: "Oh, no. God, no. He's old enough to be my dad."

Recent Appearances: Puoli seitsemän (2014)

4. Heather Matarazzo as Lorna Weisenfreund

Favorite Quote: "Would you like a smint?"

Recent Appearances: Sisters (2015) & Girl Flu (2016)

5. Roger Bart as Stuart

Favorite Quote: "I am strong. I am fucking Hercules!"

Recent Appearances: Revenge (2012–2015) & Trumbo (2015)

6. Stanislav Ianevski as Miroslav

Favorite Quote (when talking about getting any action the previous night): "Hey, I tried."

Recent Appearances: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010), Undercover (2011) & XIa (2016)

7. Monika Malácová as Mrs. Bathory

Favorite Quote: [complete silence as she lavishes in a bloodbath]

Recent Appearances: Dum U Zlateho usvitu (2009) & Gympl s (r)ucením omezeným (2013)

Who was your favorite Hostel: Part II character?


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