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There's already a pretty big divide between Spider-Man fans about whether Andrew Garfield or Toby McGuire did a better job of portraying him on the big screen, but budding actor Tom Holland's here to shake it all up. After making a remarkable appearance in Captain America: Civil War — now that Marvel Studios got their hands back on the character — he's getting his own solo movie in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Apart from the fact that it's scheduled for release on July 7, 2017, and that it will feature Tom Holland as a young Spider-Man, there's not much that's been confirmed about the new adventures of the web-slinging hero. The news broke recently that Kenneth Choi would play Peter's high school's principal, while 14-year-old Michael Barbieri was in talks to join the cast, supposedly as Spidey's best friend, but we don't have any official name or description for his character yet. Same goes for Disney Channel star Zendaya, although her age could also make her one of the hero's schoolmates.

So if you want to speculate more about Homecoming's plot, where else to start than the comic book featuring the same title? The Amazing Spider-Man. Vol 1 #252 is dubbed "Homecoming!" and was published in 1984.

Homecoming: From The Comic To The Movie

'The Amazing Spider-Man'  #252 / Marvel Comics
'The Amazing Spider-Man' #252 / Marvel Comics

In the comic, Spidey is coming back from the Secret Wars on another planet, where he also obtained a new suit — the black suit that will later become Venom, thanks to Eddie Brock. Sounds familiar? While there's little probability that we'd get to see the Secret Wars in the MCU, the Civil War between the Avengers could be a stand-in in that story arc.

This idea of "coming home" after a major conflict and reassessing his life choices will work well for our new Spider-Man, who's still pretty young in the MCU. He's also got a brand new suit from Tony Stark, so he's going to want to test it out. But don't expect to see Venom, as Sony is reportedly planning an entirely different movie for him.

Which Other Superheroes Will Appear?

Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and The Wasp / Marvel Studios
Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and The Wasp / Marvel Studios

There's also a lot of cameos in the Homecoming comic book storyline: Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and even The Wasp make a little appearance. That matches the superhero abundance of Civil War, and it'd be nice to get another glimpse of The Wasp before she gets her own movie.

As for the villains, Dr. Curt Connors a.k.a The Lizard is in Homecoming!, but because the studio specified our new villain was never seen on screen before, we could get to see Connors first as a high school teacher, before he turns into the Lizard in a following movie. The Kingpin was introduced as well in the Homecoming! storyline, but as he's on the Netflix side of the MCU, there's little chance he'd make an appearance in the movie.

Although Michael Keaton had been rumored to join Spider-Man: Homecoming as Vulture, the deal didn't end up being made and the movie is reportedly still searching for the actor who will bring the villain to the big screen. As he's a crucial partner of the Vulture, you might want to read up on the Terrible Tinkerer. And if he doesn't make an appearance, these characters would make for some pretty great bad guys in Homecoming.

We Demand To See Black Cat!

'Spider-Man: Return of the Black Cat' / Marvel Comics
'Spider-Man: Return of the Black Cat' / Marvel Comics

The one character in the Homecoming! comic that would definitely be amazing in the movie is Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat. Wouldn't Zendaya be perfect for the role, too? Black Cat has a long and complex relationship with Spider-Man in the comics, even if he eventually chooses Mary Jane over her.

Spider-Man and Black Cat / Marvel Comics
Spider-Man and Black Cat / Marvel Comics

Because Tom Holland's Spider-Man seems too young to be handling Black Cat's steamy attitude, Zendaya could play a young Felicia Hardy going to high school with him, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out July 7, 2017.

Which comic book characters are you hoping to see in Spider-Man: Homecoming?


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