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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The term "torture porn" is often misunderstood. Plenty of people use it to mean "any movie with lots of gore," but this is a grave injustice to gory movies that have more to them than buckets of blood. Sure, movies like High Tension, Inside and A Serbian Film serve their meat ultra-bloody, but they also serve other interesting accompaniments; fast pacing, great scriptwriting, skillful cinematography and political satire can all be found in many ultra-violent or gore-packed films.

The comparison to pornography isn't based in the extremity, but in the idea of the "money shot"; drearily acted movies where the viewer begs: "enough with this BS storyline already, just gimme the goods!" That is true torture porn. Here are 5 movies that really fit in with that definition, films that exist only for their spurting, gore-ridden money shots.

1. Murder-Set-Pieces

Released: 2004

A horrible German man kidnaps, rapes, mutilates and kills a string of women, occasionally pontificating about his need for blood as if he has some form of higher purpose. He doesn't.

2. Headless

Released: 2015

Sexual murder and necrophilia are delivered alongside a by-the-books series of dreadful-childhood-as-root-of-killer-tendencies flashbacks that will interest only the most patient gore fan.

3. I Know Who Killed Me

Released: 2007

Deplorable trash starring Linday Lohan as a tortured woman uttering such laughable lines as, after an amputation: ''How do you think I feel? Fingers, leg, hand — gone!''

4. Grotesque

Released: 2009

A madman kidnaps a couple and mindlessly chops off nipples and molests them until the whole torturous 90 minutes is up. Not one iota of character development or originality factor into the piece. If you're intrigued, read the full Grotesque breakdown.

5. Captivity

Released: 2007

Poor old Elisha Cuthbert is refused the opportunity to show the acting chops she proved as Jack Bauer's long-suffering daughter in 24 as she languishes in a cage drinking gross body part smoothies. One lone interesting detail: The poster for this movie was banned.

Which horror movies would you classify as torture porn?

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