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A groundbreaking gorefest like Hostel is a hard act to follow, but director Eli Roth managed to make a marvelously likable bloodbath in 2007's Hostel 2. Check out some awesome facts that make Hostel 2 even better!

1. Ban This Sick Filth!

It always delights horror fans to hear that a movie has joined the list of horror films that got banned; we wanna see what all the fuss is about! Hostel 2 did not disappoint, with a flat-out ban in Malaysia, Iran, Ukraine and New Zealand, with even liberal Germany banning the uncut version.

2. Meaty Treats

The poster for Hostel 2 was also banned, even though it's just a picture of some meat!

3. Money Money Money

Hostel 2 made back triple its $10.2 million budget. Combined with the $76 million profit made by the first Hostel movie, the franchise became one of the most bankable horror series of all time.

4. The Swear Jar Overfloweth

Hostel 2 is super sweary, with over 70 fucks, 13 bitches, five shits and four cunts!

5. Giving Thanks

Eli Roth had a highly productive day off during the filming of Hostel 2, when he shot the trailer for fake movie Thanksgiving, used as part of the pre-roll for Grindhouse. Roth shot the trailer in Slovakia and reused Paxton's corpse. See if you can spot it!

6. Famous Faces

Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato makes a cameo in Hostel 2 as "The Italian Cannibal." The precedent was set by horror director Takashi Miike appearing briefly in the first Hostel movie.

7. Free The Nip

In the scene where Axelle goes nude, actress Vera Jordanova's nipples were actually rendered with CGI.

Axelle and Beth share a moment
Axelle and Beth share a moment

What would you like to see in a potential Hostel 4?

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