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We all remember how Vampire Academy bravely crowdfunded itself into existence thanks to the sheer passion of fans powering the project along, but just how likely are we to get a peak performance to get Vampire Academy 2 off the ground?

Let's have a look at all the evidence out there and see how likely we are to sink our teeth into a sequel.

What Was The Fan Reception To The First Movie?

Vampire Academy crew, assemble!
Vampire Academy crew, assemble!

The passion that helped to get Vampire Academy soaring on it's leathery wings was a double edged sword when it came to fan reaction to the movie.

While an enormous amount of fans loved the movie and praised the witty, whip-sharp performances of the cast, a lot of people were disappointed that the movie wasn't entirely true to the book series they fell in love with in the first place.

Things such as the addition of new characters, less in depth explanations of the Dhampir, Moroi and Strigoi vampires and the way the deeply emotional friendship between Lissa and Rose was downplayed for a more comic bent angered a lot of people and may have pushed them away from the idea of Vampire Academy 2.

This lack of respect for the source material could be the final nail in the coffin for the franchise.

Could Crowd Funding Be An Option Again?

Rose, Lissa and a raven in Vampire Academy
Rose, Lissa and a raven in Vampire Academy

Despite the dissatisfaction from a certain segment of Vampire Academy fans, there was indeed another round of crowdfunding for a second movie back in 2014, but the producers failed to make their targets.

The official producer ran Facebook page let fans down gently with the following post to break the news:

, to those who contributed and to those who helped spread the word, we just want to say Thank You for believing in Frostbite and helping us try to continue the Vampire Academy series. Alas! we did not receive the required contribution, therefore those who contributed on Indiegogo, if you have not already received your refunds, you will shortly. To those who bid on our Ebay auctions, you will still receive your winning items.

To Richelle Mead, Lucy Fry, Dominic Sherwood, Danila Kozlovsky, Sami Gayle, Marci Liroff, Jaymes Bullet and our music Supervisor Howard Paar - a Special Thank You for your contributions and support in bringing the Indiegogo Campaign to life.

Goodbye, for now, Little Dhampir's!

Maybe it's an indication of just how poorly the movie was received that only 17 percent of the target was received, but surely that's not enough to put producers off having a second go if the price is right.

How Did Vampire Academy Perform At The Box Office?

Zoey Deutch in Vampire Academy
Zoey Deutch in Vampire Academy

Sadly, the numbers aren't looking great here either. Vampire Academy slurped up a measly $7,834,825 at the international box office. Not exactly a number that will have producers howling at the moon with glee.

Wasn't There Talk Of A TV Show?

Vampire Diaries show-runner Julie Plec expressed an interest in possibly getting her claws in on a Vampire Academy TV show, but she was totally shot down by some very vocal members of the fandom who didn't think her tone was right for the material.

All in all, it seems like it's not likely we will get to drink down the glory of Vampire Academy 2 on the big screen anytime soon, but I have a feeling this fandom won't take it lying dow...

Guess for now, we will just have to watch that trailer again:

Would you like to see another Vampire Academy movie?


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