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(Warning: The following contains potential — albeit theoretical and largely comic book based — SPOILERS for future movies in the DC Extended Universe. Proceed with whatever level of caution the holographic Kryptonian advisers in your Fortress of Solitude suggest is wise.)

Now, say what you like about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand boy, critics and fans alike sure did — but there's currently very little reason to believe that DC's new Extended Universe is going away anytime soon. What's more, if early word of mouth regarding Suicide Squad is to be believed, there's even the possibility of the DCEU going from strength to strength over the next few years.

With the next five years of the DCEU — its "Phase One," if you will — already fairly well-charted, however, it's perhaps time to ask:

What Will 'Phase Two' Of The DCEU Look Like?

After all, while the current generation of DC movies look set to both introduce the Justice League, and to set each of its heroes off on their own solo adventures, there may well not be time for all that much more than that. Come 2021, though, the point at which DC's currently announced production slate goes quiet, we could well be set to see some pretty huge changes kick in.

Below are five of the more intriguing possibilities.

First up?

5. We Could Finally See The Teen Titans Hit The Big Screen

Now, it'd be more likely to take place towards the end of DC's "Phase Two," seeing as many of the comic book sidekicks that make up the team are unlikely to be introduced over the next five years, but the chances of us seeing the Teen Titans at some point in the early 2020s might just be better than you'd think.

After all, they're some of DC's most beloved heroes — and most of the comparably beloved lead characters are already set to be introduced in "Phase One." If the DCEU is seen as needing some new blood, the Titans could well be the most obvious choice.


4. We Could See A Lot More Space-Based Adventure

Now, the DCEU is (perhaps wisely, after the last Green Lantern movie was so widely reviled) steering pretty clear of space-based adventure in the immediate short term, with 2019's Justice League: Part 2 looking likely to be the new movie universe's first real excursion into outer space. By "Phase Two," however, it seems likely that the Green Lantern Corps will be firmly incorporated into the DCEU, and that space-based antics could well ensue across multiple movies.

What's more, with the arrival of the Green Lantern Corps...

3. We Could See The Dead Return To Life

Or rather, to be a little more specific, we could well see the DC crossover event Blackest Night find its way to the screen. An elaborate tale of zombies and reanimation, the comic book storyline saw a macabre figure named Nekron resurrect a whole bunch of dead heroes and villains in an attempt to eliminate all life in the universe.

Which, in DCEU terms, means that any characters that die off over the next five to ten years might not actually be gone forever. Which might just be good news for Jimmy Olsen fans.

Next up?

2. We Could See Some Sort Of Infinite Crisis

Now, for the past thirty years or so, DC has sometimes seemed to be having more Infinite Crises than the average leopard has spots, and if "Phase One" of the DCEU doesn't get around to adapting at least one of them (perhaps due to The CW beating it to it) then it seems likely that "Phase Two" will pick up the slack.

What's more, if we do indeed see some sort of reality-spanning "crisis," then it's entirely possible that...

1. We Could Well Meet The Multiverse

More specifically, it's not entirely out of the question that, by the mid 2020s, Network-based DC shows like The Flash could still be running, and more popular than ever (a similar longevity to Smallville or Supernatural would take the Scarlet Speedster all the way through to the 20's pretty comfortably). If so, it's distinctly possible that we could see the likes of Grant Gustin's Flash (and whoever else is still around at that point) interact with the heroes of the DCEU.

After all, The CW may already be working its way towards adapting Flashpoint, but there's nothing that says the DCEU couldn't do the same a decade later, and drag a few folks from the TV shows into the mix in the process.

What do you think, though?


Do you think the DCEU will still be around by the early 2020's?


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