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It seems WB is wanting to pull another rabbit out of its hat!

The studio of the newly emerging DCEU (DC Extended Universe) and the HARRY POTTER franchise, has just announced that Sasha Baron Cohen, probably best know for the outrageous character BORAT, and appearing most recently in Alice Through The Looking Glass, is attached to star in a film adaptation of MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN. There is high probability that he will also serve as producer.

Along for the magical ride will be Etan Cohen, the writer of Tropic Thunder, Men In Black 3 and director of Get Hard, will be handling the directorial reins. With a script yet to be finalized the film is in the early stages of production.


Considered by some comic historians to be "comics' first superhero," Mandrake, a creation of LEE FALK, first appeared in syndicated new strips in 1934.Using his powers of hypnosis to created illusions he fought the criminal schemes of mad scientists, gangsters, and extra-dimensional villains. Throughout the strips series, he displayed more conventional super-power like levitation, invisibility, teleportation, or whatever the story required. And typical of most superheroes, Mandrake maintained a public persona, that of a stage magician, that allowed him to combat villainy in anonymity.

The greenlighting of a MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN film brings along with it some intriguing questions:

  • is this an attempt by WB/DC to "copy" Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE film (similar to Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad)?
  • with both actor and director coming from the comedy world, what will be the tone of the film?
  • will this film fit within the burgeoning world of the DCEU and its superheroes?
  • how will some of the more "archaeic" elements be handled, namely Lothar, Mandrake's African man servant/friend?

Clearly there are interesting things going on at WB!

Have fun!

How do you feel about a Mandrake the Magician film?


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