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Last Sunday Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 aired on FUJI TV and surprisingly it featured the much anticipated first appearance of Future Trunks marking the official beginning of ‘ Future Trunks- Black Goku arc ‘. We got the first anime look of Future Trunks, Bulma, Mai and probably Black Goku. But nothing much has been revealed yet.

If you want to know detailed explanations, theories and speculations based on the episode 47 trailer then this is a must-read article.


Future Trunks finally made his first appearance on Dragon Ball Super. He is back to make Dragon Ball great again. He will build an anti-hater wall! At the end of episode 46, we see Future Trunks is hiding from some serious threat who apparently is massacring the world. Followed by a perfect Trailer of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 47!

And this trailer clearly indicates that Dragon Ball Super is changing its tone. The series has been quite lighthearted till now but when you see the trailer you know that shit is about to get real. The trailer was simply magnificent. All true Dragon Ball fans are on the edge of their seats and will for sure follow DBS from the next episode onwards.

It had the darkness vibe; you can feel the seriousness and the sufferings they are going through. The clip selection for the trailer has been perfect. It raises a lot of curiosity in our minds and also gives us just about the right amount of revelation. I am so excited, I would even pay 100$ to see episode 47 right now.

TFG RATING - 10/10

Future Trunks’s hair being blue has been a WTF moment for many out there. Though the primary design had Blue hair everyone kind of took it for granted that TOEI will change it to purple just like the last time. Yes, even last time Future Trunks primarily had Blue hair in the design provided by Akira Toriyama. But TOEI changed it to purple.

Well, personally I am absolutely ok with it. Mainly because I think Future Trunks looks way cooler with this Blue hair. Besides, that’s the way Toriyama wanted to see Trunks all the time to begin with.

Why Is Future Trunks's Hair Blue? Dragon Ball Super
Why Is Future Trunks's Hair Blue? Dragon Ball Super

But as we know the last time he came here, he had Purple hair so why did they decide to change it and contradict the earlier plot? How could that be explained based on the given anime plot?

The reason here I believe is, currently Kid Trunks is quite of a major character. And they wanted to keep a very significant difference between Kid and Adult Trunks. We don’t know the story yet. It’s possible that Future Trunks might get stuck here for a while or even forever at-least till Super last. And this is a theory at this point to of time.

But if you look at the experiment Bulma is doing at Dragon Ball Super episode 44 and then fast forward to the experiment Future Bulma is doing on the preview of episode 47. You can see in both cases they are making a ‘ Blue ‘ looking fluid. And I am assuming that is the fuel required for time traveling. But our timeline’s Bulma perfected it yet. So Future Trunks might have to stay in our timeline till she is able to make it perfectly. Many people have speculated that Trunks is going to be a part of the Omni-verse tournament. So, for a long term plan they just felt it would be better to give him Blue hair.

Now, the question how can you justify it according to the plot?

Well, is it really a big deal? Maybe Trunks just dyed his hair because he felt like it or who knows maybe this is his original hair color. By the way, no he wasn’t super Saiyan blue in the trailer. As the summary of episode 47 mentions, ‘Even the power of a super Saiyan wasn’t enough to stop black’. No god or blue mentioned.

Also, there is no aura, the body isn’t muscular enough, his hair is normal. Most importantly it looks like Trunks is trying to keep his power low and hide since he is running instead of flying. So, being in super Saiyan blue form all the time would make no sense.

Future Bulma On Dragon Ball Super
Future Bulma On Dragon Ball Super


Now, coming to Future Bulma, we see her working on something important. I like how she has been designed here, goes with the serious situation smoothly. Whatever she is making right there is important because it’s a crisis situation and she is seriously working on it. And we see this blue fluid in this jar or beaker. Interestingly enough

On Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 we also saw Bulma working on an experiment where she made a blue fluid and it looks about the same.

Also, if you look carefully there are structural similarities with the machine she is using to make it too. The control panel or the device she is using to give the command is same in both cases. Another thing there is 2 containers or processing machine ( or whatever it should be called) one is large and the one is smaller. The Blue fluid comes out from the smaller one in episode 44.

Now, if you look at the Future Machine set up The Blue fluid is technically coming out from the smaller processing machine except an extra part has been attached where the fluid has to flow through first. Look at the right side of the picture. This case the design has been modified and there’s and extra opening for the fluid to come out. The biggest difference is the large round like thing in the middle is not there in the future machine but there is this smaller round steering like thing.

When Bulma was experimenting on episode 44, only a small amount was coming out that even with much difficulty so we can assume that it has been improved over time and attained that form. But as mentioned before there are basic structural similarities and most importantly it produces this Blue fluid or whatever it is.

Future Bulma making Fuel for time traveling? DBS
Future Bulma making Fuel for time traveling? DBS

Now, at this point, it’s not possible to say what that liquid actually is but I am assuming that it is the fuel required for time traveling and it’s very hard to make and the stuff required are rare. Why do I think that?

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 summary and title:

The title of episode 47 is- “SOS From The Future! A Black New Enemy Appears! “

And the summary-

“With the threat of the androids resolved, a new menace threatens the world of the future! A man suddenly appears and goes on a rampage, driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Future Trunks resists but even the power of a Super Saiyan is no match for this man called ‘ Black ‘. Future Bulma resolves to ask help from Goku and Vegeta in the world of the past. After taking half a year to gather enough fuel for a one-way trip in the time machine, the formidable foe “Black” bars Bulma and Trunks’s way."

So, time traveling machine needs one kind of fuel to be working. And since their world is kind of doomed it’s assumable that the ingredients required making the fluid are rare over there. Bulma is making something while the world is getting destroyed and it would only make sense if it was time travel related something.

Future Bulma Dies- Dragon Ball Super
Future Bulma Dies- Dragon Ball Super

Another thing about Future Bulma is that many fans are assuming that she is going to get killed by that Black shadow monster or Black Goku. Well, there is two ways to look at it. Till now Dragon Ball Super has been quite light-hearted if they start with killing Bulma especially provided in a world where there is no Dragon Balls. It would be a very serious and tragic turn and the younger audience might be taken into consideration. But the way I see it Dragon Ball Super is trying to turn things around.

So killing Bulma off in the very first episode of the arc could, in fact, be a strong statement. And there are some theories in favor of it like Trunks wearing the red scarf and Trunks crying in the trailer. Even the producer said DBS is going to be different from what we have seen till now.

Also, I want to make a far stretched assumption based on my observation not meant to be taken seriously. This frame where we see Bulma, this type of angle is used in movies to express someone is watching the character there. So could it be that that very frame is just before Black is about to kill Bulma? Could be or it could also be just a frame normally showing Bulma. Let’s wait and see.

Black Goku vs Future Trunks
Black Goku vs Future Trunks

However, in the trailer, we didn’t see any ‘ Black Goku ‘. Earlier we got pictures of Black Goku revealed on different websites but in the trailer, there was just a shadow monster like character named ‘ Black ‘. Probably this is the same thing that will later shape into Goku or get Goku’s body of this timeline or he might actually follow Future Trunks and possess our timelines Goku. But that would contradict what Toriyama said. As he mentioned Future Trunks is going to escape from the hands of Black Goku with his life. I got a theory which I will explain in another video. The assumptions made by the fan are just getting wilder.

In short, Black Goku is wearing a Potara. But we know if 2 characters fuse then the look is affected. But Goku looks just like him so could it be that the other one wearing the Potara is this Black Demon? Since he has no actual body he got mixed with the soul only and is controlling him? Many people are suggesting the Demon God Demigra. The Potara Goku is wearing has similarity with the one Demigra wears. Some fans are pausing through the scenes and they think that this monster has a Staff similar to that of Demigra’s one. It’s not impossible honestly, even if it’s not Demigra it could be a character similar to that. Again that’s very unlikely to happen but let’s see.

Mai And Trunks - Dragon Ball Super
Mai And Trunks - Dragon Ball Super

About the most shockingly unexpected character in this entire scenario, Mai! I really liked the idea of using Mai in a new way. Producer of DBS Osamu Nozaki confirmed that Mai is going to have a very major role in this entire arc. Now, what’s his relation with Future Trunks from the poster I thought Mai is his girlfriend?

However, in the trailer when Mai first appeared what did it look like to you? The way they looked at each other I certainly felt that there were previous connections. And it was kind of touchy I guess. But this is 17 years in the future so it’s very hard to assume what’s going to happen next. There might even end up being a ‘Frost-Tier’ twist leaving us all stunned. And I wonder how Mai survived and what happened to the Pilaf Gang. The way she is dressed it looked like she was with Pilaf Gang still. This is completely my personal demand that is I would absolutely love it if Pilaf went out of character and sacrificed himself to save Mai.

Another common question running among the fans is how can Mai be so young? In our timeline, they wished to be kids again but there’s no Dragon Ball in their timeline. Well, if I am not wrong it was never specified when they made that wish. Maybe in the future timeline, they made the wish even before the androids attacked. Having that said there is no real connection in the events of these 2 timelines so let’s just wait for an official confirmation.

Mai - Dragon Ball Super
Mai - Dragon Ball Super

Producer of DBS really made some interesting comments. And it felt like they are really going to take Dragon Ball to new heights with the upcoming episodes I am going to end this video with his comment-

“ This Future Trunks arc that is about to begin will feel a little different than Dragon Ball Super has up to now: A severe battle surpassing time and space, and putting the entire universe at risk! Following on from Majin Buu and Frieza, this time, Goku and the gang’s enemy are... Goku? The key visual is very mysterious, but I will give one spoiler and say that the person next to adult Trunks is Mai. During this nonstop series of desperate situations, with Goku and Vegeta forced into tough fights, expect to see Mai play a surprisingly major role together with Future Trunks!"

Do you have any theories that you want?

What’s your take on the overall condition?

Are you enjoying DBS?

Comment your opinion down below.

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