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I'm a huge fan of Stephen King's books! I'm making it my goal to finish all of his books within my lifetime. I recently finished reading Carrie, and when I say "reading" I mean listening to it on audio book. With the audio book you're kind of forced to listen to the intro, instead of skipping to Chapter 1. From listening to the intro, I learned something very interesting about the book Carrie. Like some other horrors, it was actually based on true paranormal events.

Where Did Carrie Come From?

King said that in grade school he observed two girls who were said to have been exorcised due to their paranormal acts. He went on to explain that he heard objects would move when these girls were at their homes.

This sparked King's interest in how telekinesis works. He did a lot of research on the subject and included it in his first novel, Carrie. He also mention in the introduction that even though this monster was based on two mentally challenged girls, he treated them in such a way as to show no disrespect to the families involved. This would explain why it was hard for me to find the names of the girls that inspired King to write Carrie.

This is what King said about one of the girls:

"She was a very peculiar girl who came from a very peculiar family. Her mother wasn't a religious nut like the mother in Carrie; she was a game nut, a sweepstakes nut who subscribed to magazines for people who entered contests … the girl had one change of clothes for the entire school year, and all the other kids made fun of her. I have a very clear memory of the day she came to school with a new outfit she'd bought herself. She was a plain-looking country girl, but she'd changed the black skirt and white blouse – which was all anybody had ever seen her in – for a bright-colored checkered blouse with puffed sleeves and a skirt that was fashionable at the time. And everybody made worse fun of her because nobody wanted to see her change the mold."

King said that he wondered what it would have been like to have been raised by such a mother, and also where the girls would've been if they were still alive. Sadly, it seems both girls shared the same fate as Emily Rose after their exorcisms.

This makes me wonder what other events or experiences King had in his lifetime that inspired him to create his monsters.

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Do you know more Stephen King or Carrie trivia?


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