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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lea Michele will star in Hulu's upcoming anothology drama Dimension 404.

The anthology series' title comes from the infamous "404" error code that internet users have become all to familiar with over the years. The series will focus on the "wonders and horrors of our digital age". Dimension 404 will be six episodes long, all running at a length of one hour. Michele will star as the female lead of the series, Amanda, who after a bad break up, will turn to online dating services to help her get over her past love.

From Glee to Scream Queens
From Glee to Scream Queens

Michele is best known for playing Rachel Berry on the hit FOX musical dramedy Glee that ran for six years. The show made Michele a household name and launched her TV and film career. She also embarked on a tour with the Glee cast that took her to the UK and Ireland. Outside of the Glee world, Michele released an album back in 2013, entitled Louder, and is currently working on a follow up. She currently stars as Hester Ulrich on FOX's Scream Queens.

Robert Buckley, who is known for his roles on iZombie and Lipstick Jungle, has also been tapped for a leading role in Dimension 404. Buckley will star as Adam, who falls hard for Amanda after an online date.

This is great news for Michele, who has went from strength to strength since Glee ended last year. It's obvious from this news that this Broadway starlet has not sung her last TV tune, instead; she is popular enough to keep coming back for the encores!

Michele being fierce
Michele being fierce

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