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So far, the plot details for Jason Bourne, the fifth installment in the Bourne franchise, have been as mysterious as the former operative himself. We know that the titular character is back and he once again gets drawn into the game, but why or to what end hasn't yet been revealed.

A new TV spot reveals a little bit more about the circumstances surrounding Bourne once again springing into action. It appears the CIA has resurrected a brainwashed assassins program in the vein of Operation Treadstone, and this one's even worse than the one that created Bourne.

In the trailer, Bourne meets with his longtime contact and ally Nicky Parsons, who reveals the information to him. The name of the new program is Iron Hand, and it's possible (even likely) that's what we saw her doing in earlier trailers and TV spots. Remember, she was seen hacking into the servers of the CIA. The spot also implies that she's killed as she's riding on the back of Bourne's motorcycle during the riots in Greece. But who knows if that's not simple misdirection? After all, lots of fans thought War Machine was done for in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) based on how the trailers for that movie were cut.

There's really no telling how this film will resolve the Bourne franchise, if it is indeed the last one. But longtime director Paul Greengrass has always done a fantastic job of writing and directing a taut, intelligent offering with every film. And Greengrass and star Matt Damon had both said they would not return to the world of Jason Bourne unless there was a killer (hah, get it?) story in place. It's a refrain we've heard often from directors and actors at the end of franchise runs, but there's never been anything from the duo that indicates this won't be another great film.

Jason Bourne is in theaters on July 29.


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