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Since he uttered the words "Hail Hydra," the world has been buzzing about Captain America's sudden turn. The creative team at Marvel took serious liberties in turning America's golden-boy hero into something dirty. They've taken Captain America and made him a turncoat, a Benedict Arnold, a blasphemous entity not worth the shield he made his name with.

The 'Hail Hydra' story arc is selling out at the comic book stores!

The turn toward Hydra has proved a lucrative one for Marvel Comics, as Captain America: Steve Rogers sold out of its original print run and is going back to press for more. Fans are eating this up and the boards and blogs are buzzing with opinions, reviews and what-ifs.

So What are The Big Questions On Everybody's Minds?

Could we see Captain America hail Hydra In The MCU? And would Marvel/Disney actually take our beloved Star-Spangled hero and turn him into a deep-cover Hydra sleeper?

They could, and if Marvel/Disney takes this angle, it would all make sense. First thing to consider is the way Steve Rogers left things at the end of Civil War. He had just defeated Tony Stark, with the help of the Winter Soldier, after Tony saw the video of the brutal assassination of his parents at the hands of a programmed Bucky Barnes.

Tony felt betrayed by Steve for not letting him seek vengeance on Bucky for his beloved mother's death, and after being defeated, Tony yelled out:

"That shield doesn't belong to you. You don't deserve it! My father made that shield!"

Steve feels the sting of the comment and leaves his prized shield behind with Tony, in a very powerful moment when two friends become bitter enemies. The trailer shows a small clip of that important scene.

So from there, what can occur to make "Hail Hydra" a reality? Well, in the MCU, Captain America can turn, but not Steve Rogers. One item of history that is rarely talked about is the period in which Steve wasn't Cap, and the mantle was carried on by a few brave souls, notably John Walker, a.k.a US Agent.

John wasn't the only one to don the Captain America catsuit, but there is an argument that he may be the edgiest of them all, even more so than Bucky himself. A creation of Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary, John Walker made his debut with his first superhero moniker the Super-Patriot in Captain America Issue 323 back in 1986. He has the same abilities as Steve Rogers, and the reason why it would make sense to see John picking up the shield where it was left at the end of Civil War and revealing himself to be Hydra is because of why John Walker was created in the first place.

Gruenwald described his comic creation as:

"Someone who embodied patriotism in a way that Captain America didn't — a patriotic villain. Basically, I just wanted to do the opposite of Steve Rogers. Okay, Steve Rogers is a poor northern urban boy. So I'll make a guy from rural middle class south. Cap is now old, so this guy'll be a real young up-and-comer. Cap has lofty ideals, so I'll make Super-Patriot be more realistic and more pragmatic. So, I put together his background and character traits by playing the opposite game."

US Agent has had a salty relationship with Steve Rogers over the years, as he was blamed for the initial failure of the West Coast Avengers. In the MCU, a "Hail Hydra" story for Captain America could work if Steve was watching from the sidelines while John takes his beloved shield and does the dirty work on behalf of Hydra.

When Can We Expect To See A 'Hail Hydra' Story In The MCU?

I would assume it will happen after Infinity War, and in a situation where Steve Rogers was presumed dead. And why not? The story is a success with fans already, and the topic is buzzing loud on the Web.

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