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Take that picture seriously, folks. There is some major spoilage for The 100 below, and maybe a little for The Walking Dead.

The 100.

I honestly can't remember watching a show that my wife and I have flip-flopped with more than The 100. It seemed every week, we wanted to stop watching the show, but then something happened that sucked us right back in.

And it's pretty much all Clarke's fault.

First, she sleeps with Finn (season 1, episode 4) -

Then, she mercy-kills Finn (season 2, episode 8) -

Then she kisses Lexa (season 2, episode 14) -

Then she sleeps with Niylah (season 3, episode 1) -

Then she sleeps with Lexa (morning sex too?) (season 3, episode 7) -

Then Lexa dies (season 3, episode 7) -

Then she dream-kisses Lexa (season 3, episode 16) -

Holy Grounder balls.

I don't know about everyone else, but if I was dropped on a radiation-scorched planet from outer space, I would like to think that survival would be at the top of my list...banging multiple people with both sets of tackle? Not so much.

That's what drove us away from the show, and Lexa dying was a twist that brought us back, then the dream-kissing pissed us off again, and the end of season 3 brought us back once again.

What brought us back the last time? The purpose of this article, which I'm finally getting to.

Nuclear power plants.

Turns out, these plants will melt down like a mother if they're aren't properly taken care of. The radioactive stuff in the things need to be cooled by some other stuff and things, and if electricity is nonexistent, the cooling system goes down. Even dropping the rods into a big tub of water won't work; they'll burn through that water and eventually will still royally screw up the planet.

And that's going to be the start of season 4 of The 100. But why hasn't The Walking Dead addressed this large green glowing elephant in the room? Six years into the zompocalypse equals two years of unmanned nuclear power plants, give or take. And it's pretty likely that those suckers have gone boom-boom by now. So why isn't the skin on our survivors falling off yet, like their undead counterparts?

Take a look at this map of all the nuclear power plants in the U.S., provided by the Modern Survival Blog website:

The guy who made this assumed a 50-mile wide radius of uninhabitable land around each plant. Taking wind into effect, the east coast is pretty much completely and totally screwed. Georgia and DC included. Everything would be glowing in the dark in no time.

Here's an interesting theory to consider about the plants.

They're still running.

Think about it. Power plants have always been extremely tight on security. Only authorized personnel in and out. What do you get when you have an electricity-generating plant with top-notch security? I see a home that will last years, as long as nobody gets bitten and gets inside the plant. Food and sustenance is another thing, but could it not have unlimited power? The coolant systems need electricity to keep the fuel cooled, but could some genius maybe turn the plant into a self-sustaining, energy-making home?

Probably not, but in the TWD universe, anything is possible.

Except 3-eyed fish. We haven't seen any of them quite yet.

This leads us to our next problem in a post-apocalyptic world filled with fiery nuclear power plants.

Glow-in-the-dark walkers

Say a plant melts down, and there happens to be a huge flock (swarm? covey?) of undead hanging around outside. Now, you'll have radioactive zombies roaming around. Flesh falling off their bones never really stopped zombies from doing their thing, has it? The only good news about those walkers is, you can see them coming at night, thanks to them glowing in the dark.

If anything, it makes a freakin' awesome visual, courtesy of

With so many seasons left on the show, and probably plenty of issues left in the comic, could this be an upcoming story arc? Our survivors, in their travels, find a nuclear power plant still running smoothly, and live the rest of their days safely surrounded by toxic goo?

Anything's possible with The Walking Dead! And with any luck, we'll get to see a glow-in-the-dark walker someday!


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