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It appears that the Gods of Egypt have unleashed their wrath on the top sellers sitting atop the national home video sales chart, bashing contender Deadpool out of the way to reign supreme. The Ryan Reynolds-led superhero flick had been sitting comfortably at the top of the list for Blu-ray and DVD sales for three weeks before being chased away by a force resembling this giant basilisk breathing fire:

Quite frankly, in a surprising turn of events, Lionsgate's fantasy somehow managed to creep into the top spot, despite raking in a meagre $31.1 million in US theaters (against a colossal budget of $140 million) and only managing to gross $142 million worldwide. If you're prepared to do it again, relive the action and astronomically expensive CGI with the trailer below:

Comparatively, Deadpool's success was placed into the spotlight with an estimated gross of $355 million domestically earlier this year. And just in case you were wondering, Wade Wilson's antihero antics had earned Fox a whopping $730 million by mid-March.

Regardless, there's clearly something about Gods of Egypt and feuding deities that is working its charm on buyers of home videos in the US. After the Egyptian fantasy now victoriously claiming the top spot, are three other surprising releases: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which debuted at No. 3, Triple 9 at No. 6, and Race gracefully occupying its No. 10 position.

Do you think these films are deserving of their top spots?


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