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The only thing that could put an end to the speculation about Star Wars 8 is the movie itself, but until it gets released, let's happily continue to scrupulously analyze ever single detail that leaks from the highly secretive set.

While we don't have a trailer yet, Director Rian Johnson casually posted a photo of the set on his own Tumblr, including a few props but most importantly a Jedi robe. The first wearer we think about is obviously Luke Skywalker, who was last spotted being all broody on a remote island that it took the rest of the galaxy years to locate, but we know he's got a penchant for black outfits (maybe he thinks they make him look smarter).

"Do I look smarter?" / Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
"Do I look smarter?" / Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

But who else could be wearing a Jedi robe in Star Wars 8?

Who Will Take Up The Jedi Mantle In Star Wars 8?

Firstly, this beautiful shot indicates that principal photography is coming to an end, which hopefully means we'll get at least a teaser soon to follow up to the production announcement.

The background of the picture might hint at the Jedi temple of Ahch-To, the ancient relic that Luke Skywalker had been searching for all these years. This quest is part of a broader storyline featured in the Shattered Empire comic book, a story within the Star Wars canon that involves Luke Skywalker finding the trees of the Force with the help of Poe Dameron's parents.

But what's even more interesting is the identity of the cloak's owner: While Luke will be wearing one when Star Wars 8 opens where The Force Awakens left off, how long is he going to keep it on his shoulders?

What Are You Going To Do, Luke Skywalker?

Luke Skywalker in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney
Luke Skywalker in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney

If you look back at Luke Skywalker's history, and the way he was incapable of killing his father even though he had crossed over to the Dark Side, there's a possibility that he wouldn't manage to stop Kylo Ren by himself. What if his goal was to create a new Jedi order, starting with the incredibly Force-sensitive Rey, and then step back into the shadows? It didn't bother him too much to go missing for so long, after all.

Maybe it's also time for Luke Skywalker to reunite with Leia Organa, who's got to be crushed after the heartbreaking events of The Force Awakens. Plus, there's rumors that she might get into an accident that would put her in a coma and get her replaced as a leader of the Resistance.

Luke Skywalker in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney
Luke Skywalker in 'The Force Awakens' / Disney

What fate do you predict for Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 8?


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