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Not everything from the script and planning stages can make it into the cinematic cut of a film, and as sad as that is, the deleted scenes make for very interesting viewing. Such is the case of this cut storyboarded scene from Captain America: Civil War. Deleted from the final version of the movie, this scene was recently released online by artist Darrin Denlinger on YouTube.

Although Delinger explained that this was a scene the Civil War creative team worked on, this has not yet been verified by Marvel or Disney. However, the sequence looks legit, and it fits well with the rest of the scene, especially with Nat's later decision to protect Steve and Bucky.

There's a few shots of Ant-Man, Rhodey, and the rest of the fight which play out a little differently to the final version, which makes this deleted scene a nice look at what could have happened. But the really interesting part is the battle between good friends Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff.

Black Widow vs. Cap

After building up the friendship between Nat and Steve in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was clear in Age of Ultron and Civil War that these two characters share a deep respect for one another. One of the most interesting aspects of Civil War was how this friendship was tested, as they found themselves on opposite sides of the debate.

Nat pleads with Steve to stay out of the conflict.
Nat pleads with Steve to stay out of the conflict.

But as much as she believed in the Sokovia Accords, it was clear throughout that Natasha was uncomfortable with how the conflict was escalating. This came to a head in the Avenger vs. Avenger battle sequence, started off by Natasha dryly commenting on the fight:

"Oh, this is gonna end well."

Of course, later on Nat turned against her teammate Black Panther, allowing Steve and Bucky to escape. This seemed rather abrupt, although it did make sense for the character. And that's where the deleted scene comes in.

Changing Her Mind

In this scene, we get to see Nat and Steven go head to head, equally matched in their combat abilities.

Steve and Nat are evenly matched.
Steve and Nat are evenly matched.

It's an interesting twist on their friendship, and it's nice to see Nat lose her cool with Steve, clearly aggravated on how "stubborn" he's being. Ultimately, although Steve wins the fight, he checks with her first to make sure she has her grappling gear. That final nod from Steve is a nice addition, as it proves that the two are still friends.

Putting this together with the final cut of Civil War actually goes a long way to explaining Nat's decision to turn against her team. We can see her natural frustration with Steve, but the fight also proves that he's not going to hurt his former teammate just because they're on different sides.

Steve makes sure Nat's OK after the fight.
Steve makes sure Nat's OK after the fight.

It's not much, but it adds a nice little stage in Nat's development throughout the film. Having this fight in the final film would have provided Nat's decision with a bit of context, as we could watch her change her mind after her skirmish with Steve.

Alas, Civil War had a limited run time. There are plenty of other things we would have liked to have seen more of, like Bucky's character development, and of course more from Spidey is always good. But it's nice to get little snippets of the wider story now that the deleted scenes are starting to be released. I wonder what we'll see next!

What did you think of Nat's role in Civil War?

[Source: Darrin Denlinger on YouTube]


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