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Nick Jonas was so taken with his Kingdom gay sex scene that he seemed to mistake it for a real-life sexual experience, but now the episode has actually aired it's clear that his character Nate didn't have as much fun as Nick did.

Instead, the controversial scene sees Nate being drugged at a party and enticed into having a threesome while he is dazed and confused. After the encounter, which involved having sexual contact with both a man and a woman, it's clear that Nate has been violated. In short, it's not easy watching.

Although a good quality upload of the scene is not yet available, you can watch this jerky little number below for now to get a feel for the moment.

Naturally, after the long-awaited scene aired, Nick Jonas fans in their droves flocked to Twitter to express how the scene wasn't the hot guy-on-guy fest they had been expecting.

It's pretty depressing that Nick's closeted characters first on-screen sexual experience with a man was essentially a rape. Let's hope he finds someone who treats him with respect soon this season.

I guess at least he wasn't killed which is more than a lot of LGBT characters can hope for.

Were you shocked by this controversial Kingdom scene?


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