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To me, The Flash is the greatest primetime television show on the air today. That is just a personal opinion, but it is what I truly believe. But as great as the show is, every show is bound to have its weak spot. I believe those days for The Flash are nearly among us.

If you have not watched this show, spoilers will follow.

'The Flash' / The CW
'The Flash' / The CW

The Flash has always been known for the awesome super-powered show that it is. Ever since the days of Smallville, no show has consistently balanced both spectacle and emotion so well, especially in this particular genre. After two very fun and very emotional seasons, things came to a very satisfying end with the finale of Season 2.

What Does The Finale Of Season 2 Mean For The Future Of The Show?

'The Flash' / The CW
'The Flash' / The CW

Still, there are many things that could ruin the show from here on out. Returning once again to where his mother had been murdered, Barry decides to save her life, thus revealing to another Barry from the future that she was alive. The previous Barry from the future smiles and fades away. But what does this mean for the future of the show?

With many bonding scenes between Barry and his father, seeing Barry in the Speed Force accepting the loss of his mother forever, and finally he and Iris mutually accepting their love for one another, it seemed very apparent that he was officially over the loss of his mother. Clearly it had still been beating him up inside as he speeds back in time and with no hesitation, saves his mother from being murdered by The Reverse Flash, thus resetting the entire timeline. While this is great for Barry, the audience may be slightly less forgiving now.

'The Flash' / The CW
'The Flash' / The CW

While it's great that Barry now has his mother, that also means his father will be a different man, as he will not be imprisoned. Joe will no longer have the same lifelong relationship with Barry and he and Iris probably won't have the same feelings toward one another, as Eddie may still be there for her. Now, this is all speculation, but it also means Barry probably was not struck by lightning and that he does not have his powers. Does this mean Joe's son Wally West will become the Flash to be more in line with the classic comics? I truly do not believe fans want to watch a season of him trying to get his powers back, or even half of a season for that matter.

This finale truly did change the course of the entire show, and whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen. The Flash handles all of its themes brilliantly, adding levity when needed, and it has never failed to be the great, entertaining show that it is, and hopefully remains to be. What's in store for the scarlet speedster next season? Your guess is as good as mine. Flashpoint anyone?

What route do you think The Flash will take?


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