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(Warning: The following article contains major potential — albeit largely speculative — SPOILERS for future episodes of HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' as well as discussion of the current season thus far, including the most recently screened episode. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood Three-Eyed Raven suggests is wise.)

Now, with Game of Thrones' sixth season rapidly approaching its inevitably bloody conclusion, you might think that it'd be sensible to keep speculation limited to the next few ever-more exciting episodes, and to the escapades that look sure to take place within them. Heck, Arya's storyline alone is generating more fan theories than the average J.J. Abrams movie. Sensible, then, may not be the word for what's about to go down. Y'see...

It's Time To Predict What'll Happen In Game of Thrones Season 7

Despite there still being three whole episodes (one of them super-sized) left to go in Season 6, thus making any sort of guesswork related to Season 7 inherently risky. That sort of inside-the-box thinking, however, has no place in this article.

Let's go walk the tightrope, gang. Someone fill the metaphorical pit of speculative-error with White Walkers and sand snakes, and we'll get started.

First up? Let's go with a big 'un.

(And note, this is where those aforementioned potential SPOILERS begin in earnest.)

7. Daenerys Will Finally Invade Westeros

Though whether that's through the assistance of Yara and Theon Greyjoy or not very much remains to be seen. The big question that Season 6 will likely answer in the meantime? Whether or not both Tyrion and Varys will be going with her.

Of course...

6. That Invasion Won't Go Very Well At First

After all, if the first two episodes of Season 7 are just Daenerys taking over the continent with ease, there's a pretty good chance we'll all be absolutely fine with the season ending after seven episodes. Instead, expect a bumpy ride, with the last Targaryen discovering that she's not quite as welcome as she might have hoped.

Meanwhile, in the North...

5. Sansa Stark Is Going To Go Hunting

Let's assume that Ramsey Bolton doesn't make it out of Season 6 alive for a moment, and that the Starks suddenly find themselves in charge of the North once more. If that all works out, then there's every chance we'll see Sansa in charge — and finally able to begin taking cold, calculating, Littlefinger-learned revenge for everything that's been done to her. An approach that may or not be impacted upon by the fact that...

4. Arya Will Return To Westeros

The big question being less whether she'll be back, but more which side will she be on. Will she come home to the North and form a Stark super-team with her long-lost siblings, or will she return to Westeros as an agent of the Faceless Men, and end up inadvertently working at cross purposes to her sister's cunning plans?


3. Jon Snow's Parentage Could Screw Everything Up For Everyone

Let's assume for a moment that a certain long-awaited, and seemingly soon to be confirmed in the show, epic fan theory involving Jon Snow's parentage is, in fact, revealed to us this season. If word of that gets out in Westeros too, then things could be about to get politically dicey for, well, pretty much everyone. Expect things to get messy.

Speaking of which:

2. The Show Could Well Be Hit By a Zombie Apocalypse

If, as many have speculated, the Wall comes down at the end of Season 6, then Westeros is going to be a very different place come the beginning of Season 7. One infested by ice zombies, in fact. We could well be about to see the winds of winter howl in zombified form — and watch as a whole lot of disparate Westerosi factions find themselves forced to unite in the face of its bitter chill.

Finally, though?

1. If Season 7 Is The Penultimate Season, Then We Could See A Whole Lot Of Fan Favorites Die

Y'see, there might only be fourteen episodes of the show left in total once the current season ends, leaving Season 7 with a whole lot of room to maneuver when it comes to brutally killing off beloved characters. After all, if there's not much plot left to go, there's not a whole lot keeping the likes of Arya, Tyrion, Brienne, Jaime and Davos alive. Expect at least a couple of horrifying, internet-shattering deaths in a years time.

The big question now?

What do you think?


Just how wrong am I about Game of Thrones Season 7?


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