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Marc Sumner

Let's talk about sex, baby.

Sex Criminals that is; the Eisner award-winning comic series by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky which centers around a young couple and their ability to freeze time when they orgasm. Yep, you read that right.

Published bi-monthly by Image Comics since 2013, Sex Criminals has received critical acclaim for both its unapologetic examination of human sexuality and its good-natured writing style; a combination which has gained the series a devout cult following, who were (based on their respective opinions on live-action comic book adaptations) either thrilled or appalled to discover a deal had been secured with Universal Television for the rights to produce a television series based on its characters.

No matter your view on comic-based television though, the question still remains; how on earth are they going to adapt it? It doesn't take a Batman-level detective to figure out that the comic itself is pretty filthy - amusing and in mostly good taste - but filthy all the same, and if we're hoping for a faithful adaptation, are the producers that brought us 'Brooklyn-Nine-Nine' and the US version of 'The Office' necessarily the right ones to be helming the show?

We know that many channels like AMC and FX have no problem showing graphic violence in their programmes, yet seem surprisingly conservative when it comes to broadcasting sexual content, and short of a last-minute switch to notoriously daring network HBO (we're looking at you, Game of Thrones), it seems as though the Sex Criminals television show could end up quite different to the source material.

One of the more 'vanilla' panels in S.C
One of the more 'vanilla' panels in S.C

However Sex Criminals turns out, it is very possible that while adapting the series, the producers may have to water it down to make it acceptable for television, diluting that X-rated glee which made the series so popular in the first place; then again, Universal Television may just surprise us, just like the comic did way back in 2013.


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