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With Disney's Star Wars Land currently under construction, it seems the company's theme parks are in the progress of testing out some automated droids to wander the new section of the park and give a truly authentic Star Wars Galaxy experience.

YouTuber DAPs Magic spotted this little guy poking around the Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland:

Droids like this are certainly nothing new — a cursory glance across a comic book convention floor and you will undoubtedly spot a remote controlled R2-D2 droid rolling around — but it could be that this Disney version is automated, Roomba-style, making sure that it avoids guests and objects.

i09 also points out that the droid, known as Jake, appears able to interact with the exhibits in the Launch Bay, suggesting that there could be different functions for the droids depending on where they are dispatched throughout Star Wars Land.

How cool would it be if there were little mouse droids (or MSE-6 Series repair droids, if you're nasty) roaming around that ran off when they detected a Disney worker dressed as Chewbacca?

Disney's theme parks have long been a haven for Star Wars fans, but Star Wars Land is the first major addition to the parks following the company's acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012. The new attraction area will span 14 acres, coming to both Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Construction began in April 2016, but no opening date has been announced quite yet.

(Source: YouTube and i09)


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