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Before you exit out of this tab on your computer after you read the outrageous title of this article, give us a chance to explain why the Green Goblin should be the main villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

I know, I know, you're thinking "Really? The Green Goblin again. Do we really need to see that ugly face again?" YES! Yes, we need to see the Green Goblin one more time. Here's why...

Previous Attempts

2002's Spider-Man started a wave of superhero movies that would change the history of superheroes and villains portrayed in cinemas. In the movie, we saw the appearance of the Green Goblin, which was the best in my opinion. However, this Green Goblin was shown as almost robotic. His suit was the main problem, as he could hardly move. Cut to Spider-Man 3, and a new Green Goblin was introduced when Harry Osborn inherited his father's villainious role. But that didn't work, stuffing the film with too many villains.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborn avenged his father's death by becoming the Green Goblin. This portrayal was even further from the original Green Goblin. Why wasn't Norman Osborn the Green Goblin first? Where is the original costume? Where is that crazy double personality we all love to hate?

Marvel's Chance Of Resurrection

With all of the failed attempts at the Green Goblin, it's time to do it the right way. Now that Spider-Man and the Goblin are back in the hands of Marvel Studios, they can be reimagined for the new movies.

I have confidence that Marvel could expand the character to his full potential by making him a prominent villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Norman Osborn could be head of Oscorp, a multinational company that could play a role throughout the MCU leading up to Avengers: Infinity War.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Is The Perfect Opportunity

Spider-Man: Homecoming could establish the Green Goblin as a key part of the new Spidey series. Marvel could either be the main villain or he could be set up, not yet seen in costume, for a later sequel. There could be a minor villain in the opening scene or even a villain team-up.

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Should the Green Goblin return?


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