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There have been a lot of famous season finale cliffhangers in the past. From Ross saying Rachel at his second wedding to Matt Murdock revealing himself as Daredevil to Karen Page to the infamous who shot J.R mystery that started this whole trend. However, I think it's safe to say that Archer has set a new standard for cliffhangers from their season seven finale that took fans by storm. For those of you unaware of Archer's big cliffhanger, watch this to get caught up.

That's right folks, after all of Archer's joking around about being shot too many times and constantly avoiding death, it would seem that the titular character has officially met his demise.

But why have they chosen to do such a risky move now?

Apparently the show's creator, Adam Reed, was not 100% sure if FX was going to renew Archer for an eighth season. The future of the series looked very bleek to Adam and he mentioned that in an interview about season seven:

It is all mapped out. The mapping started about half way through the writing of this Season 7. I sort of have the end in mind, I just am hoping it’s a long time from now…I don’t want FX to call and go, ‘Hey, so that ending, just do an extra episode this season and make that the end and then get out.’

But then Zap2it recently sat down with Archer executive producers, Matt Thompson and Casey Willis and when they were asked about whether or not Archer is dead or not, they said:

Matt Thompson: We don’t know. We literally don’t know. FX has not renewed the show yet.

When asked if the series could just end with Archer dead in a pool, Matt and Casey replied with:

Matt Thompson: Yep. [pause … laughs]
Casey Willis: That’s not to say that we are not moving forward. We have a plan.
Matt Thompson: We have a plan in place, it’s just FX has not announced if we’re renewed or not. Talks are on-going. One way or the other I know we’ll know by the time we get to Comic-Con by the end of July … that Comic-Con might be pretty interesting. [laughs]

So it would seem that in a fit of panic, the Archer team decided that killing off Archer in the season finale would be the safest thing to do because it would give the series something of a conclusion if they were not cleared for an eighth season but could also maybe generate enough buzz to warrant another season. They do appear to have a plan to retcon the incident and get back to the status quo. I guess we'll find out this coming San Diego comic con in July.

What did you think of the surprise season finale? Do you think it was a smart move to kill Archer?

Source: Zap2it


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