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Back in November 2015, Square Enix released the newest entry into open-world action-packed franchise, Just Cause 3. The game opened to very positive reviews from critics, with praise being aimed at the game's open-world layout and colorful destruction mechanics. The game released the first part of the downloadable expansion pack, "Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass" back in March, offering players the chance to upgrade their wingsuit to have a jetpack and freaking laser beams attached to the freaking jetpacks!

And now, the next expansion pack for the game, "Mech Land Assault," is finally here, and it is even cooler and bigger than the last. Here's a look at the explosive fun:


I recently got to sit down and play the expansion pack and it was a vibrantly colored and insanely thrilling experience. So, if you were thinking about buying it or were just curious about it, here are the three reasons why you definitely should (in no particular order).

1. A New Island has Been Discovered.

One of the most interesting expansions is the arrival of a new island in Medici, and a new island means more exploring, more collectibles and more settlements to be cleared. Of the new settlements to be cleared are now detention camps, in which Rico must wipe out surveillance systems and rescue prisoners from the villainous mercenaries, The Black Hand. The new settlements and detention camps add some more great destruction and challenges for the player.

2. A New Weapon is Available for the Rebel Drop.

The "Assault" pack also comes with the newest weapon, the Bavarium Power Core Rifle. The weapon is powered by the explosive mineral that Rico fought hard during the initial game's plot to prevent dictator Di Ravello from using to conquer the world. The rifle sends out a large electric blast that can disrupt some electronic gates and badly injure enemies, but is most effective on...

3. The Mechs, duh.

Can't talk about the "Mech Land Assault" DLC without talking about the Mechs, right? Well, let me start by saying these things are even cooler than the rocket-launching jetpack wingsuit. If not to get the DLC for the weapon and the new island, get it for the mech alone. This ground assault vehicle is powered by Bavarium and has the ability to send out a large gravity pulse sending enemy vehicles, foot soldiers and even structures flying away. In addition, it can carry objects without even touching them, giving the player the ability to throw containers at guard towers, launch tanks into the ocean and bring down large radio antenna towers just by grabbing the bottom of the tower. Players can also steal enemy mechs by disabling them using the Bavarium Power Core Rifle.

The "Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass" is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for $25. Are you planning on getting the expansion pack? What looks fun about it?


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